Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 2

We’re happy to announce that the Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 2 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware


thanks for this new beta release! :slight_smile:

Question: How can I set these options via WebUI on my Balance One?

21683 [OpenVPN] Custom DNS Servers in LAN DHCP Server can now be pushed to client
22145 [AP Controller] Added support for 802.11k neighbor report base on Wireless SSIDs

Please add hd 1 dome to the list.

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Hi @Jonathan_Pitts - I’ve been informed that the HD2 Dome Firmware also works for the HD1 Dome Link > Here <

I hope this helps,



Can the Trans MAX (cat 18/MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM) version run this Beta software? I checked the documentation and it does not mention this version specifically and did not include recent patch fix pushed for us. I do not want to somehow brick the device.

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@MobileHopeful, are you running a special firmware (eg. 8.0.2sXXX) on your device (MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM)? Can you share the firmware version with us to cross-check?

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