MAC address cloning for WiFi WAN/LAN

This request is in reference to:

As of right now it appears one can change the MAC address of wired interfaces, and the last digit “0” is fixed.

This feature request is to add the ability to change the MAC address of both wired AND wireless interfaces (when WiFi is being used as WAN and/or LAN) and allow it to be changed in its entirety without a fixed digit inserted. One should be able to change both a wired and wireless MAC address independently without having one change impact another interface/radio.

Possible use cases are as follow:
a) MAC address already hard coded for access or authenticated
b) To help those that need to authenticate on a web page (others have said in other threads that they are doing a ‘reverse clone’ i.e. cloning their computer MAC to their Peplink MAC, authenticating, then reverting their computer MAC and turning on the Peplink - usually its done the other way around)
c) Most other devices made by other manufacturers or running other OS/firmware already have this ability

Thank you for consideration


any updates on this feature? i actually desperately need it right now. @TK_Liew thank you!!!