Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 3

We’re happy to announce that the Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 3 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware

Known Issue:

  • Wi-Fi AP may not work after modified the Wi-Fi related settings on the following models. Reboot is required to resume Wi-Fi AP.
Product Hardware Revision
MAX BR1 Mini HW1-2
MAX BR1 Pro HW2,4-6
MAX BR1 Slim HW1
MAX Transit Mini HW1
SpeedFusion Engine HW1-2
MAX 700 HW1-2
MAX On-The-Go HW2
Surf SOHO HW1-2

Is it possible to highlight the differences in the release notes between Beta 1, 2, and 3?

Also, I posted in the Beta 2 thread whether any of the below could be implemented before this goes to RC?

First, a big thank you to the Peplink team for continuing to innovate and improve their products!

Any updates on the below feature requests?

  1. Adding HTTPS as a health check mode? Currently only HTTP and there are very few HTTP websites/servers left… 'Fastest response' fails if one connection down - #10 by mystery
  2. Adding Speedfusion bonding to the MAX BR1 series?
  3. Easier connection to WiFi as WAN when source uses a portal: PepWave WiFi WAN Feature Request - #13 by mystery
  4. PUK code field so PUK codes can be entered to unlock SIM cards: Request to have PUK code field when SIM card was locked - #19 by Travis
  5. Mac address cloning for each WiFi as WAN: MAC address cloning for WiFi WAN/LAN
  6. User option to set DDNS interval: DDNS check interval
  7. User option to disable second antenna port(s) for both cellular and WiFi: Add user setting to disable second antenna port(s)
  8. Remember custom band selection: Remember last custom band selection
  9. Remote access to specific vLan: Remote User Access for Different Users / Different Network Segments - #10 by gorka_iza
  10. WiFi as WAN health failure, switch to different SSID: WiFi as WAN health failure, switch to a different SSID


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I don’t see in the release notes that packet capture was fixed.

Also Error downloading br1 firmware

The rest of the features are amazing, good job!


We are checking on the BR1 beta download firmware link issue and will update you shortly. For the network capture tools issue, Engineering team is checking on it as well .

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Hello @Lai & @sitloongs,
We have found several versions of the Beta 3 release missing from InControl2

Product name Hardware Revision
Pepwave MAX BR1 2
Pepwave MAX BR1 3
Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini 1
Pepwave SpeedFusion Engine 2

Firmware option is missing from the dropdown menu

These are all devices (across multiple organisations) currently with Beta 2 getting pushed out from InControl2.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

We have put back the BR1 series firmware download link and updated the known issue of that series. Please check the 1st post for details.

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Hello Peplink Team,
There are several requests and discussion in the forum for Geo-Blocking going back several years.

Is there any possibility that this may become available with FW 8.1.0 upon its upcoming release? It may be useful to let the community know if it can get done or why it can not get done.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Has anyone issues upgrading a UBR with this firmware? Keeps failing…

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Hello @Venn,
I have an open ticket that @TK_Liew is looking after on a UBR, send TK a private message, it does not seam related, though worth asking.
Happy to help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, actually I can’t upgrade the firmware at all with any version…

Edit: I had to be connected in LAN to succeed…

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The Geo-blocking or the correct name Region firewall/outbound policy is available since firmware device firmware version 8.0.1 & IC2 firmware version 2.8.2.

Example Outbound Policy :heart:

Example Firewall Policy :heart:

Hello @sitloongs,
I got all excited and then realised you have miss-read the requests that we consolidated here, your answer is on an Outbound policy. If you look at all of the requests, it is about the inbound firewall blocking based on the sources IP Geographically assigned locations (what country was that IP block assigned to).
Please dig a little bit deeper for us all on this request.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

You can already do this.
In ic2, group level, network settings, select firewall rules.
Check-mark “Manage Firewall Rules on Balance and MAX devices”
Click create new rules set.
Under source/destination not only can you select Region but also SaaS.
No CSV import yet, but at least you can import from an already working config file.

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IFF one uses IC – right?

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you have to use incontrol2 currently.

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Yes, TU. And, that is a significant limitation.

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My example did included the region firewall policy. We do support region inbound/outbound firewall rules since 8.0.1 and IC2 2.8.2 version.

@Jonathan_Pitts Thank you for helping here :heart: :heart: :heart:



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That is a very challenge feature whereby the captive portal method used are different for different vendors. Auto signing in to the captive portal is very difficult. Some-more WIFI vendor can also easily change captive portal sign-in method for different version and this cause difficult to support on it.

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My intent was not to auto login. I just need a browser window within the Balance, and it must allow a cookie to be set by the portal provider. I understand the cookie will ultimately time at which time someone has to log in and do it again. This would be the same as for example an iPhone connecting to a portal. During the connect process a browser-like window pops up.