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Recently I changed one of my connections method to DHCP. There are two reasons:

  • Though my ISP ONT have a bridge mode option, the ISP does not support it. I also use their VoIP phone and sometimes they change configurations or update firmware, and they can’t update my ONT if it is on bridge mode. They also can’t run proper diagnostics if I have a problem. So I decided to let the ONT in router mode, doing the PPPoE connection, and Peplink Balance One just gets a private IP through DHCP.
  • Peplink Balance One does not support PPPoEv6 and DHCP-PD, the ONT does. So letting the ONT act as router means I can use IPv6.

Peplink Balance One has an option to discover the public IP address and update DDNS. However, it does not check for IP changes very frequently. As I write this, it has been more than an hour since the IP changed on the ONT and it still didn’t realize that. Is there any way to make Peplink Balance One checks the public IP more frequently and update DDNS when it changes?



It looks like it won’t detect IP changes at all unless a disconnection and reconnection of the DHCP occurs. That is really bad.




You are right :blush: ! As for now DDNS update only happen when there is WAN status changes for the device.

I have moved your post under feature request so that Engineering team can consider the have the feature to enable the DDNS check base on user define interval.



+1 for this feature request

I believe most off-the-shelf routers check every 30 seconds or at a user defined interval.

Thank you

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+1 user defined interval would be helpful.

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