Firmware 8.0.2 lowers throughput on Balance 20X

I did all my tests on 8.0.2 on our newly arrived Balance 20X yesterday and got around 750-900Mbps NAT througput (WAN-LAN/LAN-WAN). Also tested with SpeedFusion to a FusionHub Solo and got 200/200Mbps easily.

Will test with 8.0.1 today to see if I see a difference.

@cover, we did a test here and we got nearly 1 Gbps throughput. I suspect your problem should be environmental influence. You may open a ticket for us to take a closer look.


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Thanks for sharing your results. With the preinstalled firmware 8.0,1, I’m getting about 900Mbps Mbps WAN to LAN from a cable modem. With 8.0.2 build 1045, I get about 550 Mbps. I know this is an imperfect test, so have tested multiple times to allow for some variation.

Which 8.0.2 build are you running? I’m using 8.0.2 build 1045, which was offered under Firmware, Check for Update.

Thanks for testing there.

It is hard to imagine what environmental factor could result in a consistent loss of 250 Mbps just from changing firmware. I have tested switching firmware versions 3 or 4 times on different days and have tested throughput with 2 different PCs and 2 Mac Minis with essentially the same results each time.

Which 8.0.2 build are you running? I’m using 8.0.2 build 1045, which was offered under Firmware, Check for Update. There isn’t a specific version listed for the 20X on the Peplink Support Downloads page. Should I be using Build 3667?

I appreciate all your efforts to help and will open a ticket.


Ours are running: 8.0.2 build 1045 which was pushed through inControl2.

Thanks, I was kind of hoping you might be using a different build that I could try :slight_smile:

I’d be curious to know if 8.0.1 changes anything for you.

What method are you using to test throughput? Since I have this one in production, I’m just using the closest/most consistent speed test for me at Its speed result varies a little on its own, but not by much and certainly not enough to explain the big difference I’m seeing between 8.0.1 and 8.0.2.

We tested with 8.0.2 build 1045.

Since you have opened ticket, we will follow up with you there.

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Retested again and made some screens. The other end for the WAN Analysis test is a SpeedFusionHub Solo in our datacentre. When I tested between two SpeedFusionHub Solo’s I got 1,5-2Gbps throughput.



Thanks again. We’re using very different tests. I’m in a small office environment with no real need for SpeedFusion.

I’m simply testing with commonly used internet speed tests including

Speedtest by Ookla app from Windows and Mac app stores

On these tests, the Balance 20X with firmware 8.0.1 is getting expected results around 900Mbps. Firmware 8.0.2 is getting results about 300 Mbps slower.

I also have a Balance One with current 8.0.2 firmware. Its results on these tests is also in its expected 600Mbps range. So, with firmware 8.0.1 the 20X is substantially faster on these tests than the One. With firmware 8.0.2 the 20X is substantially slower on these tests than the One.


To clarify, I am not using SpeedFusion to test it. I am just using the virtual appliance as an end point to be able to test at full Gigabit speeds with the built in WAN Analysis test tools. The 50 something Peplink devices we have running at several customers have no speeds above 500Mbps, most not even 100Mbps, so can’t really test against that to get the 900+ Mbps speed.

Most Ookla speedtest servers won’t reach that speed, not even here in The Netherlands where I am really close to the AMS-IX and our datacentre and office are only 1 1ms hop away of the AMS-IX…

Most speedtests online can’t reach the full bandwith of a Gbps connection.

Most Ookla speedtest servers in the US can’t reach 900+ Mbps, but some are fast enough (700-800 Mbps) to see a substantial decrease in download speed when I switch from the 8.01 firmware to 8.0.2.

The test is capable of 900+ Mbps. It remains within my cable modem provider’s local city network (Comcast). It is the most consistent one for me to use in testing.



I’m the one who actually looking at the reported issue. Do allow me to further explain the followings:

  1. In general , firmware 8.0.1 & firmware 8.0.2 should having the same firmware base just 8.0.2 having some bugs fixes for firmware 8.0.1 only. Detail bugs fixes for 8.0.2 you can check the release note below:

Note :

  • We have further check on the firmware changes between 8.0.1 & 8.0.2 and base on the changes involved, we can’t really find any bug fixes in 8.0.2 that will reduced the performance.

  • Further more, @padaco and our QA team results also showing B20X in firmware 8.0.2 should able to achieve ~900Mbps.

Test Lab results:


  • We still checking whether what causes the performance reduce. As requested in ticket, we may need a remote session to your LAN network to perform the test and at the same time verify all the B20X running services/connection to confirm why the performance reduced.
  1. B20X firmware build should be 8.0.2 build 1045.

  2. Do allow me to explain the wording used in the earlier discussion “Environmental Factor”.

  • It’s mean the issue only will be triggered when some network running conditions meet.
  • It not mean that your network setup having issue but more on specific conditions that will triggered the issue.
  • That’s included the following consideration:
    #Connection from LAN device to the B20X
    #Connection from the B20X WAN to the ISP modem.

:handshake: :handshake:Please stay with us, we will for sure get to the bottom for the issue. Let’s us follow up this via support ticket.


I appreciate all your efforts to test and determine what is happening. If you reach a point that a remote session to the LAN is needed, we can coordinate that through the support ticket. The quick and thorough support you’ve provided so far is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hi Michael,
Did you receive any resolution for your lower speeds? My new Balance One seems to have a similar issue.

We’re also using Xfinity (600Mbps plan), and speedtests directly from modem gives 500+Mbps; going thru the Balance One then lowers it to 250-300Mbps – the router also has firmware 8.0.2.

My ethernet details showed no collisions or errors, and whether on Auto or customized MTU setting makes no difference.

Did you get any suggestions for improvement?
Thanks. :slight_smile:


Peplink support and engineers remotely accessed my Balance 20X and a PC through TeamViewer for testing. They provided really exceptional support.

They determined the problem with the 8.0.2 firmware slowing down the 20X and expect it to be resolved with an upcoming release of version 8.1. For now, I’m running 8.0.1 with no problems.

I don’t think I ever saw a similar problem on my Balance One, even with the 8.0.2 firmware. You might try backing your One down to 8.0.1 or earlier to see if it makes a difference.

I assume your testing with a wired connection? (All bets are off with WiFi :slight_smile: )


Hi Michael,

Yes, my laptop is connected to LAN1 on the router, or to the modem, via ethernet cable when I test for speed. I’ll load 8.0.1 and give that a go as you suggest.

I’ve also been really happy with Peplink for five years now, starting with a Surf SOHO HWv2, then a Surf Mk3, and now upgrading to the Balance One, so I’m confident they’ll find a fix for this – glad to hear they helped you so well!

Thanks for answering, and best wishes during these “interesting times”. Stay healthy and happy! :mask:


Did Peplink update either firmware 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 to address the issue yet?

Last I heard was that 8.1 would include a fix. No word on the timeframe.

I’m still running 8.0.1 due to this issue and have seen no problems with 8.0.1.

@cover @FlyingPreacher

Yes, confirmed the fix included in firmware 8.1.0 (Beta firmware for now).

Feel free to join as beta tester to help us improve the firmware :

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Glad to report that I’m seeing similar WAN to LAN throughput speeds after upgrading from 8.0.1 to 8.1.0b02.

Some variability is expected with my testing method, but WAN to LAN download speeds are sometimes as high as 925 Mbps.