Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 1

Yes, this is a bug for firmware 8.1.0b1 , if you only have SIM B loaded (SIM A is empty) then it may trigger the bug.

The fix will include in coming beta firmware !!! :+1: :+1:

Thank you @Jonathan_Pitts


Regarding the Beta-FW I found 2 bugs meanwhile that I described in Ticket #20050202:

  1. Problems with connecting clients after changing SSID’s Mac-Filter (“Restricted Mode” → Deny all except listed → added the suitable MACs of devices).

  2. Problems with Name resolution regarding WLAN-Clients that are just managed via a VLAN DHCP-server in “Status” → “Client List” of the Balance One. The clients “Names” (as entered in DHCP Reservation list of VLAN), are not shown correctly and a manual change directly in the list’s name column is not saved.

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Ok, I installed Solarwind’s Netflow Realtime.
Unfortunately, I have not enough information of my Balance One Router’s Netflow config to test and configure the App’s interface correctly.
Which community string do I have to use? Should I Use SNMP instead?
How to configure the support.cgi field fors netflow? Which IP Adress (that of my PC trying to capture the flow or and which port?
Sorry but where can I find suitable documentation?

The IP address of the PC you have solarwinds analyser installed on. Default port (2055) Netflow V5 as protocol.

There is a helpfile you can read in the Netflow Analyzer app itself or here.


@MartinLangmaid: Thank you very much!

After proceeding according your advice and reading the Netflow-Tool’S help file, it remains unclear to me how to create the right interface. See screenshot.
How do I need to set the Credentials → public or private? Tried both, but did not work for me…
Or shall I better use SMTPv3 instead? As this leads to some more options, I am unclear how to fill them (like Credential set, context, auth and encrypt settings).
Sorry for asking so many questions…

You’ll need to set up a SNMP community on the Balance first. Got to System > SNMP create a community give it a name set allowed source network then save and apply.

Then use those settings in solarwinds.

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Thank you @MartinLangmaid! I appreciate your kind help.
This is what I changed based on your screenshots and could try out successfully as configuration:

I hope this is, what you advised??
Which of the streams are you usually using?


Am I the only one that has only one interface supporting netflow?
It loads with Flow Type to Netflow for all then:


Only LAN runs netflow.

On my balance one I saw both active WANs and the LAN with netflow

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Maybe demo version of Solarwind is doing this, I’m testing with another tool.


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What is the device configuration for the LAN network and also the physical connection ?

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LAN is a simple
I have 2 side VLANs, I can remove them if needed.

I have rebooted the HD4 to be sure.

At start


Only Wifi as WAN and cell 3 are online.

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This is also a super nice feature:



For the Netflow feature that just introduce in firmware 8.1.0, it doesn’t include the Netflow MIB features. In other words, configuring the Netflow or collecting the flow data using SNMP is not available yet. I have discussed with Engineering team and the Netflow MIB features will be consider for future firmware.

As for firmware 8.1.0, by enabling the Netflow configuration at the Support.cgi page, the device will only export the IP Flows information to the Netflow collector.

You need to make sure Netflow collector service is enable for your Netflow server in-order the Netflow server can received/analyze the IP flows information that sent from Peplink devices.


Question for our collegues out there.
Has anyone been able to test a Cellular firmware upgrade from the support.cgi, especially for models with multiple cellular modems.

Fisrt item is in 8.0.2 (and previous) we had the issue where doing a cellular firmware chipset upgrade always knocked out all of the other celluar connections in the router, so we are optimistic this has been resolved for 8.1.0 and beyond.
Second item with cellular firmware updates is there is no log record of them getting done in 8.0.2 (and previous), again we are optimistic this has been resolved 8.1.0 and beyond.

Anyone able to check, that would be good, I wish to avoid having to open a router and removed the cellular modem to roll back for testing.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Beta 2 seems to be out now. :star_struck:

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Yes, Beta is out today!

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@Venn: Very interesting that your tools shows plain text interface names (Flow types) instead of just numbers as the Solarwind free netflow tool shows me. Is the peplink device providing this plain text or did you assign it (if yes, how? via Application Mapping of Solarwind’s tool)?

How to know which netflow Interface represents my Balance One’s WAN, LAN, WAN1, WAN2…?
@MartinLangmaid: Meanwhile I found out, that it seems to be sufficient, to just use the following interface config parameters in the Solarwind free netflow tool to read out my Balance one’s netflow (if activated via it’s support page).
So I did not need to set any SNMP config at the Balance one at all. See screenshots.

Solarwind seems to support v9 protocol meanwhile:
Netflow Enabled

I simply connect it and after a few seconds, interfaces are renamed automatically.

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You need to enable SNMP as suggested by @MartinLangmaid inorder the interface name can be obtained via SNMP. Solarwind tools a bit unique that work as SNMP poller and Netflow collector at the same times.

Hope this well explained the issue.