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PepWave WiFi WAN Feature Request (16)
Captive Portal - Additional Quota Options - To be managed from InControl2 (3)
Rack Mountable Amibility for Balance 20/30 (12)
Fusionhub enhancements to OSPF advertising (1)
Urgent request for port forwarding enhancement to broadcast, from LAN IP (6)
Policy Based Access By IP Address and User (2)
Different VLAN Assignments for Remote User Access (1)
Bock All - Content Filter (1)
Show all switches under a tag or group or VLAN as a stack (1)
User Groups and Bandwidth (4)
Move a group to another organization? (7)
Dedicated firewall instead of built in (1)
Barring Home Country of Sim (3)
OSPF metric for PepVPN (5)
802.1x Support on LAN interfaces (2)
Log events for speedfusion latency cutover (4)
Include "Client Name" on usage reports (1)
KRACK mitigation features (2)
Gigabit Throughput for Balance 20, 30, and One (1)
Having unit be an NTP time server would be helpful ( 2 ) (35)
Built In Speed Test (12)
Add "switch to SIM B" button (10)
Banndwidth allowance monitor SIM Bank (1)
Add packet loss trigger for speedfusion failover (1)
Adding Port Scanner / Port Tester onboard (2)
Extending ICMP for Interface and Next-Hop Identification (2)
Request controls in e-mail notifications (4)
Ipsec vpn troubleshooting (2)
Put the serial numbers on the front of the equipment (2)
Remote User Access for Different Users / Different Network Segments (4)