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Every so often we get customers that are not able to add their device in incontrol2 only to discover that they have it already on another account in a different organization.

Would be very helpful if the Organization Name, Group Name and Organization creator mail address was displayed somewhere in the Web admin.
Or instead of displaying a mail address have a “Request removal” button so the owner / admins of the organization get a notification.

You could put this in the web admin under System > InControl or add a InControl section under Status.

I’m looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

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We like this option, though a double acknowledgement is needed (we also previously wrote about this) to protect against the fraudulent moving of devices.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hello Dylan-e,

I agree that this would be a helpful tool to have but, it comes with some privacy issues. Especially if the device was owned by a company that is HIPPA compliment or a government compliance. With that being said, I have reached out to Peplink directly before and was able to claim it was sold to one of my customers and show proof that it was no longer needed in the previous owners InControl and they were able to fix it for me and the customer. Have you by chance done this already?

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I think this would be useful.

We generally have another issue and that is crew on vessels don’t always know who sold them the gear - and hence have to request Peplink to identify who sold it to then get it released. Can be a long process, but understand the reason why and the limitations in terms of privacy etc…

The request removal would be a good one, especially in the first case raised by you Dylan.

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Yes, Many times :wink:
But lately Peplink doesn’t release it that easily with good reason.

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