bulk ESIM profile application

With ESIMs becoming more popular, many deployments will look to migrate from physical SIMs to ESIMs. Currently, if you need to apply ESIM profiles to hundreds of devices, you’d need to do these individually. Peplink could add a lot of value here by creating a bulk ESIM profile load feature to IC2. I imagine something similar to taking diagnostic reports from a group of devices. The command is sent and after a short while a report would be generated for successful applications and failed applications.


+1 Absolutely support this

We’re bidding in on a few massive deployments which require eSIM and I’m already having bad dreams about this task :smiley:

Even just a batch format, or config file template style.
Or even better… A CSV file with code and confirmation with matching MAC or S/N of device or something rather…

Or the ability to upload a bulk series of eSIM ready to push to a device from a library in IC2.


We will add your suggested feature to our later InControl releases.

The design will be as follows: After selecting devices in the device management screen and choosing a new action called “eSIM Activation…”, a window will pop up, listing all selected eSIM-equipped devices. You can download a CSV file of the devices’ serial numbers and IMEIs. You can then upload a CSV file in one of the following formats:

  1. Serial Number (s/n), Cellular WAN Number (1 or 2), eSIM Profile, and Confirmation Code
  2. IMEI, eSIM Profile, and Confirmation Code
  3. Cellular WAN Number (1 or 2), eSIM Profile, and Confirmation Code

The confirmation code is optional.

  • #1 and #2 are for eSIM profiles that bind to specific devices or IMEIs.
  • For #1 and #3, where no IMEI is specified, a cellular WAN number will be required for devices with dual eSIMs. The field will be ignored and not required for devices that have only one eSIM.
  • In the case of #3, the profiles will be assigned to the devices sequentially.

Does the above design be practical in your use case? Let us know. Thanks!


This sounds like it would work out well.
It would be nice to be able to download a CSV for one of the 3 options where the CSV is already formatted correctly for the upload. This way users would only need to enter the information and not need to create their own CSV.

Thanks for seeing the value in this!


That’s a good idea.


Sounds great I’m excited to try this.

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