Creation of an endpoint, where you can obtain a history of the cpu, either by hours, days, months

In this endpoint, it is requested that a history of the CPU consumption of the Peplink devices be obtained, either by hour, day or month.

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According to the ticket you had with us, I believe you are referring to the reporting functionalities in IC2.

As discussed in the ticket, currently, there are two options to obtain real-time (no historical data) CPU utilization, SNMP and InControl API Call. If you have your own system to store/process this information, you can probably generate the hour, day, and week/month reports.

BTW, do you mind sharing with us the reason or the use case scenario for the request?


The ability to access historical information is paramount for analyzing trends, identifying patterns, and making informed decisions regarding resource management and capacity planning. Without access to historical CPU utilization data, users face challenges in conducting thorough and retrospective analysis. Historical data allows organizations to track performance over time, pinpoint areas of inefficiency or potential improvement, and make strategic adjustments to optimize resource allocation. In essence, historical data serves as a valuable tool for understanding past performance, predicting future needs, and ensuring the efficient utilization of resources. Therefore, it is imperative for systems to provide robust capabilities for capturing and storing historical data, enabling users to derive actionable insights and drive continuous improvement initiatives