iPhone as usb 4G/3G Modem

Is it possable to add the iPhone usb LAN driver to the firmware list, so it can be used as a backup wan?


Not for now no. But we are eager to support it and this could happen down the road.

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Any update on this?

Thanks Richard. Supporting iPhone tethering on non-MAC or -Windows isn’t a smooth journey. We want to support this but I cannot make a guarantee for now.

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In order to tether your iphone to your computer via USB, you need to have the latest version of itunes installed and also a pda net installed. Then it ends up creating a dial up modem which links directly to your iphone at 3G speeds.


Any update on this? Is there support now for iPhone USB tether to any Pepwave router?



Hi there,

Not as of yet. I do know that our Engineering Team is still trying to get things to work properly and as soon as we have an update, we will make sure to announce that to everyone. We definitely appreciate your patience during this process.

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HI all,

Any update to this? This would be a huge feature - to be able to connect an iphone in tethering mode via USB cable as a backup WAN device.


iPhone tethering is largely tied to your carrier, and the one’s that do allow it require a tethering plan that has an additional monthly fee or a share everything plan.

If you are asking if we will develop support for jailbroken devices, the answer would be no.

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Hi Tim,

I’m not sure what part of my question had to do with jailbroken devices. My carrier allows tethering for free using the built-in, iOS tethering function. But, I’m not quite sure what that has to do with my question.

The question is - just like a 3g netstick - the iPhone can act like a 3g modem/router via USB on a laptop. Given this functionality, I’m wondering if there’s an update to your colleague’s answer above (6 months ago) stating that engineers were working on including this functionality. Effectively adding an iphone to the supported modems list.

Any updates?

Hi Ari,

I just wanted to make it clear because a lot of people want to circumvent the carriers restriction on tethering and that requires the jail-breaking thing. I understand you want to legitimately tether your phone via iOS, and you are very lucky your carrier allows this for free. :slight_smile:

I am not an engineer so I cannot speak about any updates on this. I do know we do not receive hardly any requests for iPhone tethering, so this is not a high priority in the development cycle. We have many features and enhancements coming down the line, and I appreciate that you can respect the fact that we need to focus and manage our resources as best as possible.

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I pay US$10 per month with AT&T for the privilege of being able to tether to my Apple iPhone. We will be using our just purchased Pepwave Surf SOHO router in our RV for Internet access. When traveling/camping, we’ll use our Verizon Jetpack 4620L via the USB connection when we have Verizon service. Where Verizon does not have service, I’d like to tether my iPhone to the SOHO via a USB cable.

I’m told by 3Gstore.com (my Peplink dealer) that I can use the WiFi in the iPhone to provide the uplink for the Surf SOHO, but I would expect a tethered connection to be faster and more reliable.

So is there any news on tethering an iPhone (with AT&T service) to the Surf SOHO?



Apologies for the late reply here. We currently support Android tethering at the moment with our devices, but iPhone is not. Yes tethering would be faster and more reliable if it was tethered rather than being used as connection via WiFi.
As of right now iPhone tethering is currently not on our road map but it is something that our engineers are definitely looking into.

Any update on this? Would love to be able to use my iPhone!

As of right now it is currently not supported.

I think i have a way to work around this issue - i will be testing my theory soon.
Im going to get a NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender - hard wire it into the WAN2 port of my peplink. Then im going to set the Netgear to connect and “boost” my iphone when i turn it on as a wifi hotspot.

If im right, i will be able to just turn on my phone as a hotspot - plug in the netgear booster and have it connect to the iphone - then the peplink should be able to use it as a second WAN connection.

You could also use our Surf On-The-Go product as well, it has Wi-Fi as a WAN option and can connect to your iPhone’s hotspot:

This is a great device that sells for only $99.

Hi all,

I am interested by this feature too … any update ??



Currently there is no movement on this.It is very hard to get Apple specific information from them to make this work with our gear. Our product team is looking into this.

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We use the personal hotspot function as WIFI WAN quiet often investing scenarios.
Works decent enough but have you iPhone charging or it will be flat in an hour and have notice speed limited to 2Mbps when iPhone is below 40% battery
Wouldn’t use this in a production environment except as a get out of jail card!
Hope this helps