Route table display

Either in the diagnostic tool area or in the hidden support page, please add ability to display complete routing table. This should show the physical wan routes, vpn and ipsec vpn routes.



Thank you for the feature request and duly noted. If engineering could provide more information as far as feasibility and if already on our road map.

  • 1 for this. Excellent idea.
    Excuse if it is an obvious statement, but that would be the forwarding plane which we want to view (aka FIB, or fowarding table).
    So, from the output we would be able to see all routing information that is being used to make forwarding decisions. Including the elements mentioned by jmpfas, and including static routes and ospf learned routes on the LAN side.

That would be nice :slight_smile:


+1 for this feature, would be very useful

+1 I would suggest having it in the Status page. Perhaps Status > Routing with OSPF and RIPv2 as a subheading.

I could also use the full routing display,I spent several hours troubleshooting a multi network ipsec tunnel and still can’t tell if the peplink has all the routes internally like I think it should.

Plus 1 for this! Would love to have it. Would make troubleshooting issues much easier!

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I would like to request feature to show entire routing table from all routing protocols (connected, static, OSPF and RIP) that includes the routes, metrics (weight/priority/cost), next hop and originating router (similar to Cisco’s ‘show ip route’). I currently have several Pepwave MAXes which had problems with routing that I couldn’t easily troubleshoot due to not being able to view complete routing table.

+1 for a full route display, can we please get this re-evaluated?

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+1 here for this for troubleshooting purposes.

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Another +1

+1 as well - any thoughts on implementing this?

Hi there again,
I read various posts where a roadmap is mentioned by Peplink.
This feature is easy to deliver. Is it also on the roadmap?


We understand traditionally a route table will help so much to troubleshoot network issue, however this is not as simple as a table on a Peplink SD-WAN router. Packets are being routed dynamically, according to many different conditions that are always changing, not just a simple route table that is defined by destination address.

Route table report is challenging, but we hear you loud and clear. Actually not only for routing, generally debugging information need to be improved in different ways. We the developers are aware of it.


I’m still going to one up on this request even though I hear the challenges.
The thing is, that with pepvpn I can see the routes being learned but for example for BGP I notice that on my SOHO router it does not show what routes are being learned. Yes routing is dynamic, but one overview of the routes learned (as connected) or through static configuration or learned by either OSPF or BGP should be possible right ?


Absolutely. OSPF is possible and we already have a plan. Stay tuned : )


Are there any news?
It’s hard to debug, if i cannot check, which of the possible paths is active and why…


Hi there…is there any updates on this thread for this route table feature?

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+1 for this feature!!!
I acknowledge the challenges of doing this when routes are updated dynamically, but even a 1-s update to the tables generated by static + OSPF would be truly helpful. Folks have been clamoring for this for years now.

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+1 for this !!!

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