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Data download/upload quotas ( 2 ) (24)
We need a QOS setting based on data downloaded (4)
OpenVPN port and subnet routing options should be configurable (1)
Netflow feature is required in all the peplink devices (10)
Having unit be an NTP time server would be helpful ( 2 ) (31)
Mobile Network Whitelist via MCC/MNC code (12)
Peplink support LACP (802.3ad)? (4)
NAT option with PEPVPN (7)
Need drop-in mode in a tagged VLAN on LAN (3)
Issue with iOS Router Utility (7)
QoS - Prioritization by destination (20)
Service --> Groups --> Firewall Rule or Outbound Policy (19)
URL logging for AP ONE AC MINI (3)
Feature Request: QoS-Rules, QoS inside Speedfusion (7)
Allow IC2 traffic to pass on a WAN that has been disconnected due to hitting its bandwidth allowance (13)
Aliases/Groups for FW rules (4)
MAC Address Blocking Capability (10)
Built In Speed Test (9)
URL Logging for some network/vlan only? (1)
DHCP filter by MAC vendor (first octets) (13)
Implement 802.11k, 802.11r, and 802.11v (6)
Feature Requests for InControl2 and Captive Porthole (13)
Add a direct link from Client List to Active Sessions for just one client (1)
Ad delivery service docs (1)
Event Log Monthly report (1)
Mediafast with collapsed forwarding (1)
OpenVPN Support ( 2 3 4 5 ) (91)
On what WAN is a host generating traffic? (6)
Route table display (16)
No need to set VLAN IP address (3)