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Add "switch to SIM B" button (7)
Restore Factory Settings have Enable 2WAN & USB (2)
OpenVPN Support ( 2 3 4 ) (72)
BR1 Lan port as Wan (3)
Disabling LTE-A on MAX devices (3)
Block Multiple LANs from Web Admin (2)
Sending and receiving SMS messages programmatically (6)
SD-Switch Feature Request - Allow definition/configuring alternative untagged/Native VLAN on a particulkar trunk port (5)
DHCP filter by MAC vendor (first octets) (11)
Reboot by SMS or call (15)
Allow IC2 traffic to pass on a WAN that has been disconnected due to hitting its bandwidth allowance (3)
On what WAN is a host generating traffic? (4)
User Groups and Bandwidth (1)
Reserve bandwidth for VPN (20)
Product registration button in the peplink admin (3)
Port description at Balance routers (2)
Moving of devices from an Organisations Group to a brand new Organisation Profile within InControl2 (10)
Feature request - automatically save device configs (3)
SNMP ifOperStatus for LAN ports? (2)
Newbie DNS question (4)
Bulk IC2 Subscription Check in Pavilion (5)
Add current radio Channels/Frequency on the SSID table (6)
Download Event Log Archive in one file (1)
DPI support for Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 (1)
Unable to edit location - Previous GPS location (6)
Expanded Internal DNS Records (2)
Way to limit tracked connections per-WAN? (1)
Limit download throughput per WAN (6)
Max BR-1 GPS Forwarding - More than two servers (7)
How to add Names column to built-in usage reporting (2)