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Incontrol2 support Floor Plan View and upload Floor Plan (9)
Sending and receiving SMS messages programmatically (7)
SMS sending by MAX router (12)
Easy, secure and fully automated certificate creation and renewal (using free certificate authority) ( 2 ) (29)
Add TLS 1.3 support (1)
Port Forwarding Rules Orginization (4)
Is there UPS monitoring? (1)
QoS - Prioritization by destination (18)
When to expect WPA3 availability on Peplink devices? (7)
Support advanced VPN configuration (e.g. AWS VPC) (7)
Specify WAN connection used for Firmware download (1)
Netflow feature is required in all the peplink devices (3)
Fleet Management Login (10)
Pepwave MAX: LTE vs. LTE-A; Carrier throttling ~ Question & Feature Request (8)
Peplink Router Utility App Requests (1)
OpenVPN Support ( 2 3 4 ) (73)
VPN IPSec DH Group 14 (6)
Japanese language option for web GUI and InControl (2)
Mixing bridged and routed networks site-to-site (2)
Firmware update for surf OTG for novatel 7730L (4)
Request for some standards supported or not by PEPLINK devices (1)
IC2 Tags visible/invisible for different users: admins vs readers (1)
"Status -> Client list" that doesn't freeze the browser @1000+ clients (6)
Feature Request: Powerful CLI (2)
Ability to change session timeout via GUI (8)
Balance: Firewall: Country ACL (6)
Download Event Log Archive in one file (2)
FusionSim Backwards Compatibility (1)
Change control log from routers to incontrol (1)
Reboot by SMS or call (16)