Use Wifi AP as mesh bridge? (aka, WiFi WAN port as LAN instead)

I’m hoping there is some way to use an AP product as a wireless bridge. That is, connecting to another AP in mesh mode, and using its RJ45 port as a LAN connection rather than WAN. My dealer has informed me that they don’t believe this to be possible. I don’t see an option for this myself, reading the relevant documentation. Perhaps I am missing something.

I know the Device Connector previously was the device for this use case, but I’m told that it has been EOL’d, and even still does not accept 12VDC power making it less useful in my case.

Is there any way to accomplish this, even with beta firmware? Is this a feature that is coming to APs in the future?

This is a really useful feature present in a lot of other AP/mesh type products, even crappy consumer ones costing far less money, and I think there is a demand for it. Clearly Peplink agreed at one point, given the existence of the Device Connector.

Fingers crossed! Thanks.

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This can be done on the AC Mini in mesh mode, I have it working that way. Never tried it with the AX but I would imagine it works there as well.

Hello Paul,

Did you make it working?
I really need this setup but can’t find a way to make it working.