What is the Throughput for my Balance Hardware Revision?

Please refer to this article on how to determine the Hardware Revision of your Balance.

Balance 20:
HW1: 100Mbps
HW2: 150Mbps
HW3: 150Mbps
HW4: 150Mbps
HW5: 150Mbps
HW6: 150Mbps
HW7: 150Mbps

Balance 20X:
HW1: 900Mbps

Balance 30/50:
HW1: 100Mbps
HW2: 150Mbps

Balance 30 LTE:
HW1: 150Mbps
HW2: 150Mbps
HW3: 200Mbps (Upgraded to 400Mbps)

Balance 30 PRO:
HW1: 400Mbps

Balance One:
HW1: 600Mbps
HW2: 600Mbps
HW3: 600Mbps

Balance Two:
HW1: 1Gbps

Balance 210/310:
HW1: 50Mbps
HW2: 50Mbps
HW3: 100Mbps
HW4: 200Mbps (Upgraded to 350Mbps)
HW5: 350Mbps (Balance 210)

Balance 310X:
HW1: 2.5Gbps

Balance 305:
HW1: 200Mbps
HW2: 1Gbps

Balance 380:
HW1: 170Mbps
HW2: 170Mbps
HW3: 170Mbps
HW4: 170Mbps
HW5: 200Mbps
HW6: 1Gbps

Balance 380X:
HW1: 3Gbps

Balance 580:
HW1: 400Mbps
HW2: 1.5Gbps

Balance 580X:
HW1: 4Gbps

Balance 710:
HW1: 350Mbps
HW2: 800Mbps
HW3: 2.5Gbps

Balance 1350:
HW1: 1.5Gbps
HW2: 5Gbps

Balance 2500:
HW1: 8Gbps

HW1: 12Gbps
HW2: 12Gbps

HW1: 24Gbps

HW1: 30Gbps


Can we get this list expanded to include the historic SF VPN through puts as well?
This helps advise customers on upgrading their kit when they use bonding.
Is there an archive resource for the older spec sheets to get all historic data?


Is there an update to this list? The more recent hardware is not listed.


hello, is this per port or total? let’s say we have BPL-305 HW2, with 3 WAN links each having 200Mbps, what will be the total throughput we can get?

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Balance 20 only has two hardware revisions? Thanks

+1 for the vpn throughputs


how about speedfusion throuput for 580 HW 1


Could we please have the SpeedFusion throughputs listed as-well as comparability with the current firmware. e.g. Balance 380 HW5 can run firmware 6.3.4


@Alan Balance 210 HW4 and HW5 same throughput?

I have the same question. Did you ever receive an answer?

@steivenpoh, @Rick-DC, the Balance 210 HW5 has the same throughput as the HW4.

It has some minor hardware changes and it is a “dual-identity” device in which you can “upgrade” it to “Balance 310” with an optional WAN Port Activation license.

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Could you update the table with the new hardware and new equipment, or could you tell us where we can see this updated table?

@jhonatan.rodriguez, updated the table above. Hope that helps. :wink:

@WeiMing Thank you very much it was what I needed, but I have a doubt what do you mean in the HW 4 in Balance 210/310, an upgrade is for a 210 or the 310 or the new HW 4 versions of 210.

Thank you very much

It was an old announcement made a few years ago.

Thank you very much