Balance One ok for 500/500 connection and voip?

I’d like to double check whether the Balance One would be OK for this connection or similar:

Currently we have a Balance 20 with 2 x adsl lines and I love the 20’s reliabilty.

The office has 10 users growing to 24, with heavy use of a cloud sync and share system called Autotask Workplace.

We’re also looking to move to voip, how’s the Balance One’s ability to prioritise voip?

Thanks, Martin

Hi lovelyjubbly,

I would advise a Balance One or a Balance 305.

A Balance One has a throughput of 600 Mbps, where the Balance 305 has a throughput of 1 Gbps.
The Balance One does not support drop-in mode and LAN bypass, the Balance 305 does.

Both models support QoS for VoIP, see:

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As Joey mentioned, the Balance One would be a potential bottleneck here and I recommend the Balance 305. Thanks.


Thanks Joey,

I think the Balance One will do the job, at least for the next stage of the office.

Our budget is $1,000 AUD, which is about $700 USD.

I think the 305 is much more than this?

There is a possibility a secondhand 380 may become available.

Would that be OK as well?

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Thanks Tim,

Why would the Balance One be a bottleneck?

I don’t think Joey said that?

We don’t need drop in or lan-bypass.

Because the 500/500 circuit is technically 1Gbps capacity, i.e. 500Mbps down + 500Mbps up synchronous. The Balance One will work just fine as long as you realize that you can’t push more than around 600Mbps through it at any given time so you could never utilize the full capacity of the circuit.

Maybe this is not even a concern of yours :slight_smile:


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Thank you for explaining that :slight_smile:

So if I were to try and download and upload 500Mbps I would only get a max 600 combined?

I have been looking at a second hand 380, but it seems to only have one LAN port?

Or can we use the spare WAN ports as a LAN port?

I have 3 switches connected to my existing Balance 20.

For the new connection I need the following:

1 WAN for Fibre.
1 USB for 4G Failover
3 LANS for 3 Switches.

Many thanks :blush:

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Here’s the Balance 380 I’m looking at, looks like an older model?

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That’s quite an older model. See What is the Throughput for my Balance Hardware Revision? for capacities, and What Is The Difference Between Hardware Revisions of Peplink Balance 380? for identification.

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