Speedfusion throughput

I have pepwave max hd4 with 4 sim cards from all different carriers.
When I do the speedtest over internet I am getting about 45 Mbps.
I have speedfusion tunnel to a pep balance 380 which has 1 Gig WAN connection.
But over the VPN tunnel, I am only getting about 5 % of the speed.
What is the expected throughput over the speedfusion VPN ?
Is there a speed cap or do we need to buy any license?

Thanks in advance

I’d expect to see 36Mbps+ in this situation. Whats the available upload bandwith on the b380?

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Which HW version is the Balance 380 (cfr. throughput overview)?

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Good idea - but in this case it shouldn’t matter too much which Balance it is since the gating factor is the 45MBps of internet bandwidth available to the B380.