Aggregation of 3 WANs in Peplink balance 310

i am newer in peplink appliances. i bought peplink balance 310.
I did not find any tutorial to make aggregation of multiple WANs.
i have 3 ISPs :

  • ISP 1 : 200 mbps
  • ISP 2 : 200 mbps
  • ISP 3 : 200 mbps
    what i am looking is getting : 600 mbps how can i do that please ?

don’t think you can get 600mbps on a single download even if the device supported that throughput which it does not

what the maximum bandwith i will get ?
and do you have any documentation for that ?

With a Balance 310 the maximum throughput seems to be 200 Mbps

If you were to deploy a more recent version (e.g. the current Balance 380 or 305) then you could get up to 1 Gbps, assuming you could balance your ISPs equally. With your three 200 Mbps feeds you could achieve 600 Mbps if your traffic was in the form of separate concurrent sessions that the balancing algorithms could spread equally across the WANs.



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what i am looking is the tutorial to do aggregation.

even if the device could support a throughput of 600mbps, you can’t simply join three separate WANs to get 600mbps on a single download stream. you could balance though. speedfusion does allow bonding but there is overhead.

Now can i use my balance 310 to make load balancing between my 3 ISPs?
Do you have any tutorial for that ?

The FAQ section has a lot of information you may want to review:
FAQ : Load balancing

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