Information about, balance 380

Hello friends, I need help. I want to buy a second-hand device from someone, and I wanted to know for sure whether it supports throughput 400 MBps? Or 1 Gbps?

Hi Tzur,

This is a Peplink Balance 380 (HW3-5) which supports 170 Mbps throughput.
For reference, see .

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From what you know, the seller insists it is a device that supports 400

I ask because I really do not know, what is testing? Serial?

These are the throughput limitations of the Balance 380 for each hardware version.
The link I shared was an archived copy of the Peplink official website, showing the supported WAN throughput.

Balance 380:
HW1: 170Mbps
HW2: 170Mbps
HW3: 170Mbps
HW4: 170Mbps
HW5: 200Mbps
HW6: 1Gbps

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I guess there are different versions of the devices with the second system support for the system. But how does the pupil belong to the specific device I sent, by what parameter?

You can get information about the hardware revision by

W.r.t. throughput, there is an overview (as of early 2017) at What is the Throughput for my Balance Hardware Revision?

Can you attach a link where I can check serial numbers?

Can the seller not tell you the hardware version? (If not, that may tell you something about that person, it seems to me.)

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FWIW, there are frequent sales on eBay of older (HW5 and earlier) Balance 380s, where the seller does not indicate what the hardware revision is.

Paying attention to the enclosure pictures becomes important, HW6 enclosures are different from HW5 enclosures (count the ethernet ports), which are further different from the HW1-4 enclosures.

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Another question please. The 380 has 3 wan inputs, and one lan port, can one turn the wan inputs into another lan port?