Peplink 580 does not attain full throughput on WAN port

I have a peplink balance 580 , even i set my WAN port with max speed 1000mbps , and i still couldn’t get a full internet speed from ISP , i only get 450mbps or below and my subscription is 800mbps

anyone have idea ?

What is the hardware revision of your unit?

If it is HW1 then the expected router throughput is 400Mbps (What is the Throughput for my Balance Hardware Revision?) which would explain it.

(The port speed is immaterial, it simply identifies the ethernet standard for the port, not the throughput capability of the router.)

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Hi zegor

it is Balance 580 HR2 , and suppose getting 1.5Gbps as i follow the link you send to me

any others possibility ?

Is MTU set to auto on the WAN?

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Hi Martin

Yes the MTU is also set to auto mode on the WAN interface

I know this is an old thread, but I was having a similar problem (Firmware 8.1.1). In case it helps anyone else, I found that I had to more than double the “Download Bandwidth” value over what the connection actually provides to get the full bandwidth of that WAN connection. (In my case, I have a 700Mbps service and needed to set Download Bandwidth to 1600Mbps to get that full speed.)

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