Deploying Peplink FusionHub at AWS Marketplace

Acquiring FusionHub from AWS Marketplace (Firmware 8.0.2s127 onwards) - June 2020

Now you can acquire the FusionHub instance from AWS Marketplace, as illustrated with steps below.

  1. Login to AWS Marketplace

  1. Once logged in, look for the FusionHub using the search tool

  1. The FusionHub will be shown in the search results page, click on the FusionHub to continue.

  1. Select the Region and the EC2 Instance type for your FusionHub, then click “Continue to Subscribe” for the next step.

  1. You may review the Terms and Conditions, then click on the “Continue to Configuration” to proceed.

  2. Review the information and make the changes if needed, then click on the “Continue to Launch” for the next step.

  1. On the Launch this software page, you may select the “Launch through EC2” option under the “Choose Action” to continue.

Setting the Instance type

  1. Choose an Instance Type that suit your deployment requirements, eg. t3.medium, then click “Next: Configure Instance Details” to proceed. You may refer to the Recommended AWS Instances guide under the FusionHub product page for more information about the sizing guide.

  1. Configure the relevant parameters. Eg. Network and Subnet (assuming you have already created the VPC with relevant settings in place), if you’re unsure what these should be, then please skip this step and click “Review and Launch” at the bottom right, else continue with “Next: Add Storage” button.

  1. To ensure the FusionHub default services are accessible once it is provisioned, please check on the filtering rules that automatically associated to the FusionHub, click “Review and Launch” to start the FusionHub.

  1. Review the settings and launch the FusionHub instance.

  1. The FusionHub instance has been launched, you may click on the “View Instances” to check on the FusionHub status

Retrieving the default password and associating the Public IP

  1. Do take note of the Instance ID, it is the default password for this particular FusionHub instance. Next, assign a Public IP so the FusionHub can be accessed from the Internet and ready for SpeedFusion configuration. Select the Action > Networking > Manage IP Address to continue.

  1. A new browser tab will appear. You can associate the Public IP to the FusionHub instance at this page. This Public IP (Elastic IP address) will be used for accessing the FusionHub - Web Admin, as described in the next section.

Accessing FusionHub

  1. Now, you may access your FusionHub from anywhere in the Internet, in your web browser, type in “https://[FusionHub.instance.public.ip.address]” in order to access FusionHub’s administration interface. Remember the default password is the Instance ID.

Now, you may continue with the FusionHub activation and setup tasks after successful login.