FusionHub and Cloud Platform integration (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

FusionHub is Peplink’s virtual SpeedFusion appliance which allows you to establish SpeedFusion between cloud servers and physical Peplink units and supports a number of Hypervisor Platforms along with a growing number of Cloud Platforms.

  • Installing on AWS

Installing on MS Azure

  • Installing on Google Cloud

  • Installing on Digital Ocean



Any success in getting a LAN interface up with GCP? I’m struggling here…

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May I know any reason LAN interface is needed?

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Same reasons as for a LAN interface in a privately hosted Hub. If you need specific routing in a fully GCP hosted environment.

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Is any cloud provider better than the other for Fusionhub Solo?

What are the typical monthly costs? I am assuming they break out CPU v RAM v Bandwidth? Any way to estimate what it might cost per month to run a Fusionhub Solo instance?

The digitalocean post at: FusionHub - Installation in Digital Ocean shows its $5/month for 1TB. Pretty straight forward!


Azure was a pain to setup and even though most of it is free for 1 year, I’m exceeding their free 15GB outbound traffic rule and paying around $8.70 for 100GB of bandwidth each month. I was forced to go with them because they own the only reasonably close data center to me. I’m in Austin and they have a facility in San Antonio. Added latency is under 10ms.

I tried using Peplink cloud service, but the data center it connected me to was in New York and it was adding around 150ms of latency. My decision on cloud was solely driven by closest data center.

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Vultr is in Dallas try pinging tx-us-ping.vultr.com $5/month for their entry level VM with 1Tb of data transfer.


Thanks to Martin for the tip! Vultr has slightly less latency and will save me $$$ :slight_smile: I’m a happy camper. One final question. Since Vultr doesn’t automatically use a firewall in front of the VM… Is FusionHub considered a “hardened” image? IE, do I need to add a firewall instance in front of it, or is it just like their physical appliances… IE good for being placed directly onto the internet?

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Glad it’s worked out for you!
It’s hardened, just do the usual and change admin username and password to something longer and more complex.

For future reference I made a video showing how to setup Fusionhub on vultr.



Are you working on an easy solution for Alibaba cloud?

Thanks !

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Just followed your video and setup a solo fusionhub license. Tested on my B20x with mac based outbound policy. Very cool!

We will be using a Max 700 with a WAN and Wifi as Wan connections to improve our livestreaming quality for our parish.

I got to this thread looking for advice on protecting the FusionHub appliance on Vultr. DDOS not available in my region (Canada) but as you mentioned above, its already hardened.

Thanks again, video was very well done and straightfoward.