[Service Interruption] FusionHub Missing on AWS Marketplace [Jan 2024].

[Update: 10 January 2024]
The FusionHub at AWS has been restored, you may find it at this URL.

We have noticed that the FusionHub is unavailable from AWS Marketplace since 03 January 2024, as a result, users are not able to launch FusionHub directly from the AWS Marketplace.

Original KB on deploying FusionHub on AWS Marketplace:

The community reported the issue:

We have been working with our AWS counterpart to resolve this issue as soon as possible and will update here if we have more details.

For those who need to deploy FusionHub on AWS immediately, you may submit a ticket and we can share the FusionHub AMI with you. Please include your 12-digit Amazon ID in the ticket.

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@WeiMing , thank you for the detailed response and for working the issue. We appreciate it!

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UDPATE: I am able to deploy FusionHub instances again. It is back in the marketplace.