What license types are available for those that require a two-site SpeedFusion on Amazon Web Service (AWS)?

If you are looking for ways to just support the additional peers of less than five without having to buy a license supporting more peers than necessary. Unfortunately, we do not currently have an option to just add additional peers to active FusionHub licenses just yet.
Alternatively, the following options will explore your next best options:

FusionHub License

You are now able to acquire the FusionHub directly from AWS Marketplace. For illustrations on how to Click Here.

Then you must purchase the FusionHub license through the Peplink store. Visit Store

FusionHub Solo:

If your deployment only requires a single branch the FREE FusionHub Solo could also be an option.

Explore the FAQ section for more guidance on how to acquire the FusionHub Solo license Click Here

SpeedFusion Cloud:

With SpeedFusion Cloud there is no need for a second end point to be set up. Simply plug in your SpeedFusion Cloud compatible router. Subscribe to a Speedfusion Cloud Service plan. When your connection fails Speedfusion cloud will connect your device to the nearest endpoint hosted from around the world. By a click of a button you can experience unbreakable connectivity.

For illustrations on how to set up SpeedFusion Cloud for your device Click Here

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