AWS ASG (auto-scaling group) for FusionHub instance

Is ASG supported in FusionHub deployment?

Similar question has been asked few years ago in: FusionHub AWS - boot of new FusionHub instance And in the response, ASG support is on the product roadmap.

FusionHub deployment in AWS required a lot of manual config on Admin UI according to: Deploying Peplink FusionHub at AWS Marketplace

However, we are deploying FusionHub to our VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and need it to support ASG for high availability.

We would want to be able to:

  1. backup all config on FusionHub instance periodically to AWS user data.
  2. Use ASG to ensure that at least one FusionHub instance is running. If FusionHub instance failed to response to AWS health check, AWS will auto terminate it and create a new instance.
  3. ASG can then use User Data from #1 to auto provision the new instance. And license is automatically transfer to the new instance.
  4. All Peplink router that connected to the old FusionHub instance will automatically reconnect to the new instance without downtime.

Not sure if this feature is exist or we will need to figure out some workaround.

Auto-scaling-group isnt the only way to achieve HA.

Just setup two FusionHubs and within the profile setup the two addresses as primary/backup. Have you considered that?

How you described it wouldnt actually provide the same level of availability as doing it natively. The tunnels would all drop while the VM’s are being spun up. That would be disruptive.