Captive portals Vlans and

I have the following setup:
1 max hd2 as a router > various switches > AP one Mini AC
I’m using incontrol2 to manage the lot.
What i’m try to achieve is:
1 SSID: that is prioritized and on a subnet work ( in this case 192.168.20.x)
This contains staff pc’s and mobiel phones.
1 SSID: with a captive portal that is for guest they can have as much bandwidth as they like unlimited.
but the staff can always use their devices
1SSID: with captive portal that is the lowest priority and can only be accessed for for a limited time

We have about 20 AP’s all should be able to send transmit the 3 SSID’s

The issue:
On the the AP connected directly to the MAX HD is giving a ip address the others just hang in there and do nothing. Also it doesn’t redirect to a splash screen.
some help would be nice

Hi Stampertje,

create 3 VLANs, 3SSIDs and 2 Captive Portals. Assign the Captive Portals to the appropriate VLANs and don’t forget to configure the VLANs on your switches, where the Minis are connected. If you are not very familiar with configuring switches…Peplinks SD-Switch will make it very easy for you.


Hello @Stampertje,
There have been several guides put together to help here in the forum with VLANs, as you are using InControl2 to manage the lot, have a look through the six (6) posts here to get you started.

NOTE: Remember to turn OFF the internal AP controller within you MAX HD2 router.

If you have more questions, please ask the community here in the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: