Allowing general traffic through WAN but allowing certain game traffic from Kids to go through sim card

I am using Hughesnet for general internet purposes. but high latency makes the kids scream when going to certain game sites. I’m using sim slot 1 with a verizon card.

i would like to have the kids interactive games redirected to the verizon sim so the can play their games but leave the hughesnet wan for general purposes.

how to do this?


One way: use an outbound policy to send all traffic from the kids’ IP address to the cellular wan.
To make it a tad more intentional on their part: create a separate VLAN for the gaming connections, use an outbound policy to send all the traffic from that VLAN to the cellular WAN (as above) and tell the kids to log onto the gaming VLAN (SSID?) when that want low latency.

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Have a look at this previous reply, it highlights six different threads on setting up VLANs, most of it is to do with InControl2 though there is some good information there.

You can also do this search within the forum “how to setup VLAN”.
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I believe that you are wanting only the games themselves to go across the cellular network, not necessarily all of the traffic from their console/pc. I imagine you don’t want to download these 9-10 gig games over cellular.

All of the game downloads happen on port 80 for Xbox live (someone else might know how PSN works). you could build an outbound policy that says, port 80 from game console goes to “general” WAN (HughesNet in your example). UDP traffic from the game console goes to cellular network. Most of today’s games use UDP bitstreams, so just build your outbound policies appropriately for what you want to do. VLan is not necessary, just a DHCP reservation to insure the console gets the same IP address (since you will be building outbound rules based on source IP)

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Your understanding is accurate. My kids have apps on their PC for stream and other game sites.

How do I direct peplink to only allow these apps to use the Verizon sim. A little more detail and screen shots would be helpful.



I won’t be much help for your PC gaming. My advice is to identify the traffic and then build outbound traffic policies that make sense.

You can identify the traffic by using the search function (Status → Active Sessions → Search tab) or packet capture feature (on support.cgi).

Once you identify the traffic, we can help you build outbound policies. I would imagine that the game downloads are still over port 80, and the games themselves are UDP – but, you will have to figure that portion out.

Here is what I would do… Go to Status → Active Sessions->Search. Enter the PC that is doing the gaming in the source IP, then change the subnet mask to (/32). Change the protocol to ALL. That will restrict the search results to ONLY his PC. Then load the game up and see what new sessions show up.