Ssid only on one AP

I have 3 x AP incontrol2 managed. I currently have all of them using group setting.
I was hoping to just create a new SSID only on one AP, but it looks like I have to untick use group setting rather than just select an AP from within the SSID window.
Is this the case?

One way to achieve this is

  • Define a tag for the SSID, e.g., “TAG1”
  • Tag the AP(s) that should make that SSID available with the tag (“TAG1”)
  • Define the SSID and set the SSID availability to “SSID available on some devices…”.
  • Then enter the tag (“TAG1”) in the field “Only enable on devices with any of the following tags”

That should do it.


Hello @evanvilla,
This is actually a good idea from @zegor_mjol, we do this when provisioning sites with multiple APs, we give every AP an additional unique tag (or multiples) so that it can have unique SSID assigned for testing and diagnosing purposes, this helps with confirming power levels and a whole range of other things we do as part of our provisioning process.

Here is an example of three tags we use when provision the Pepwave AP Pro Duo systems
GCAG-2.4-CY1, GCAG-5-CY2, Gulf_Station, Cattle_Yards
(note: tags have no spaces in the names, we use the underscore character instead)
Each of the four tags allows us to customise the SSID and other management features through InControl2.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your replies. So when I untick use group ssid, will it give me the ability to select all the group ssid’s and also add my new one just for this one AP?
Then I leave the other two AP’s as ‘use group’?
Thanks again

Hello @evanvilla,
Not sure we are speak the same lingo here so try this

When using InControl2 use “Tags” on your devices instead of what you are possibly referring to as “Groups” and you should be OK. Once you have tagged your devices in InControl2, it is very easy in the SSID configuration to either include or exclude a tagged device with the “SSID Availability” options.

My apologies if this is getting lost in translation, though we will attempt to use an analogy here.
As an example when organising emails Google G-Suite uses “Labels” while Microsoft Outlook uses “Folders/Directories”, it is just a different way of doing the same thing when using “Tags” to get the required outcome.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: