How to Set Up Social Wi-Fi


To set up a Social Wi-Fi Hotspot, you will need the following items:
  • An InControl 2 account.
  • Your respective social media pages, where applies. We support Facebook, Google ID, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo,as well email authentication, Guest Accounts, Token Access and also SMS authentication.
  • A supported device that is under warranty, running Firmware 6.2.2 or above or AP Firmware 3.5.2 and above.

Supported devices:

Peplink devices that have built-in Wi-Fi AP capability can deliver Social Wi-Fi, including:
  • All Balance Models
  • All MAX Models
  • All MediaFast Models
  • All AP Models


There are 3 main steps to enabling Social Wi-Fi:

  1. Set up your device to allow InControl2 management
  2. Define your Social Wi-Fi profiles
  3. Apply the Social Wi-Fi profiles to your Wi-Fi APs

1) Set up your devices to allow InControl2 management

Make sure you are running Firmware 6.2.1. or AP Firmware 3.5.2. You can find your Firmware status and update your Firmware on System > Firmware.

If you have disabled InControl 2 management, please re-enable it. For MAX devices, you can find the settings on System > InControl. For Pepwave APs, you can find the settings on System > Controller. Click the “Controller Management” checkbox to enable InControl management.

2) Setting up your Social Wi-Fi profile on IC2

To set up your Social Wi-Fi profile, head to Network Settings > Captive Portals

Here, you can choose an existing captive portal profile or set up a new one.

Set up what you require, you may refer to the below section “2.2) Set up individual social media networks for Social Wi-Fi”.

2.2) Set up individual social media networks for Social Wi-Fi

Defining Your Captive Portal

Click to expand the section the section you require:

[details=Setting up Facebook Login]

To set up Facebook, copy the page ID from your Facebook page source.
To do so, (in Chrome, may differ in other browsers) right click on your Facebook page, View Source

Search for "pageID", then copy and paste the 12 numeric string into your Captive Portal profile.

Alternatively, @mldowling suggests using a Facebook ID tool such as

Paste it into the Facebook Page ID field


<a><b>Setting up Sina Weibo Login</b></a>

To enable Sina Weibo, navigate to your Sina company page. View the page’s HTML source (typically: right-click on the page, View Page Source”) and search for “$CONFIG[‘oid’]=” without the quotes.

sina view page source

The numbers shown to the right of this string is the ID required.

Copy and paste it into the “Sina Weibo ID” field.

<a><b>Setting up LinkedIn Login</a></b>

To enable Linkedin, you need the company page ID. The easiest way is to type in your company name in the search field, click that and the page ID is revealed in the URL bar like so:

linkedin page id

Copy and paste the numbers into the LinkedIn Company ID field.

<a><b>Setting up Twitter Login</a></b>

Twitter simply requires your Twitter username. For example our username is “peplink”,

twitter username

Copy and paste the username into the Twitter ID field.

<a><b>Setting up E-Mail Login</b></a>

It is also possible to set up E-mail as an authentication method. Under Access Mode, click on the E-mail tab.

Check Enable and be sure to input the desired text into the E-mail Sender Name field.

Save Changes, Preview and Customize

Set up any usage limitations if needed, and click the Save Changes button to finish your configuration. If you wish, you could also click the Preview and Customization link at the bottom. There, you can adjust colours, logos, translations, terms and conditions and so on.

3)Applying the Social Wi-Fi profiles to your Wi-Fi APs

For Pepwave AP family:
Navigate to Wi-Fi AP > Group-wide SSID Settings. Click “Add New SSID”, and the following menu will appear:

After naming your SSID, Scroll down to Captive Portal Settings, select the captive portal you wish use for this SSID.


Save your changes.

For Peplink Balance & MAX family:
(Note: Balance & MAX family differs slightly from other models in that there is no Captive Portal setting in the SSID Settings page.)

Define your Wi-Fi AP as above by going to Wi-Fi AP > Group-wide SSID Settings; save and apply.
Now you need to set up your Social Wi-Fi profile under Captive Portal first before you can associate it to your SSID via VLAN Networks.

Hover over Network Settings again, and then click VLAN Networks

What you choose here will depend on whether you created a VLAN or not when you defined your SSID. 1. You could create a new VLAN profile here for use with Social Wi-Fi. 2. If you had already defined a VLAN when creating your SSID

Then you need to match the VLAN ID in VLAN Network Settings when choosing an existing captive portal:

3.Or else, just click on the default VLAN profile “Untagged LAN”.

Then pick the Social Wi-Fi profile you defined earlier, save changes.

For more information regarding our Social Wi-Fi Hotspot, please visit:


HI; please do i can configure this with a Peplink balance210 ??

hello everybody
¿doing this action only allows access to social networks and restricts internet?

Hi @miriam89,

no, this allows you to login with e.g your facebook credentials.
To restrict internetaccess you can use Conten Blocking or Firewall rules.


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thank you for your reply

Dear All,

Thanks for this article, quite useful. I have tried to use it on Balance One Core and HD2 Dome products but it is not working
When I click on the LinkedIn button, i have this message: " Bummer, something went wrong.
The redirect_uri does not match the registered value"

When I click on the Facebook button, i have this message: " Invalid App ID-The provided app ID does not look like a valid app ID."

Any idea of what the problem is?

we are also encountering the same Issue “Invalid App ID”.
Any solution?
Kind regards