Product FAQ - Wi-Fi - AP One AC Mini

What is the AP One AC Mini?

What is the AP One AC Mini?

The AP One AC Mini is a compact 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) that delivers Wi-Fi 5. The AP One AC Mini delivers true AP One power in a palm-sized package that fits in your pocket.

How fast is this device?

The Data Rates of 2.4 GHz is up to 300 Mbps and 5 GHz is up to 866 Mbps.
The complete Spec Sheet can be found here.

What is the coverage and the distance range?

The Coverage (with line of sight in open environments) is 400ft /122m.

What certifications does the AP One AC Mini have?

The AP One AC Mini has certifications on:

  • FCC, CE, IC, and RoHS

Does it come with a power supply?

Yes, it comes with a 12V2A power supply (ACW-601).
However, we recommend pairing the AP One AC Mini with PoE network switches or PoE output routers to decrease the cost of installing additional electrical wiring and eliminate the time of managing cable clutter.

What is the best use case for the AP One AC Mini?

From adding a Wi-Fi network to extending wireless coverage, the AP One AC Mini has got you covered. Click here and we can work out a cost-effective solution with the best overall performance together.

What if I need two separate Wi-Fi networks, one for employees and one for visitors?

You can create two separate Wi-Fi networks with “Layer 2 Isolation” or “Guest Protect” for privacy and security. These are two similar features but different in some ways.
When “Layer 2 isolation” is enabled, it will block the communication between Wi-Fi clients within the same VLAN, SSID or subnet, while the “Guest Protect” feature will block communication between a Wi-Fi client and wired clients within the same VLAN and clients from other VLANs.
To enable the features above, you can refer to this post.

What is included with the AP One AC Mini?

What’s in the box?

Along with the access point, there is a 12V2A Power Supply (ACW-601) and 1x Mounting Bracket.

Is my product covered under warranty?

Yes, all Peplink products come inclusive of a 1-year warranty. Please ensure your device is sales registered to reflect an accurate warranty start and end date (see below for more detail)

How do I sales register my device?

Maintaining an accurate sales register date will ensure your warranty status is counted from the date of sale rather than the date of delivery.
To sales register your device:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your existing PeplinkID account or create a new login
  3. Once verified and logged in. Select Device> Register Device
  4. Enter details and Save Changes.

Once updated, the corresponding warranty status will automatically be updated.

Can I extend my warranty beyond its coverage period?

Yes, all warranties can be extended on a year-to-year basis.

Model EssentialCare
AP One AC Mini 1-Year | 2-Year

Renewals can be purchased through our local Peplink Certified Partners or directly from Peplink eStore at the time of sale or any time thereafter.

Using the AP One AC Mini

What voltage is required?

You can power it with a 12V2A DC Connector or 802.3af PoE input.

What is the maximum power consumption?

The maximum power consumption is 12W.

How far can we run the cable for the AP One AC Mini?

The ideal Ethernet cable transmit length is 328ft/100M, but for the best performance and connection stability, we recommend 263ft/80M in case the Ethernet cable quality is not perfect.

How many ways can I mount the AP One AC Mini?

The AP One AC Mini comes with a set of mounting brackets. You can either ceiling mount or wall mount the device with ease.

Can the AP One AC Mini be remotely managed?

The AP One AC Mini can be remotely managed by Peplink’s AP Controller or InControl2.

What is the AP Controller?

Peplink’s AP Controller is a software-based AP management tool that’s built into all Balance and selected MAX routers without the requirement of an active warranty or subscription. Our AP Controller is available in 2 versions: AP Controller Standard and AP Controller Pro.
AP Controller Standard supports up to 2 configuration profiles with multiple SSIDs, meaning that all APs will share the same configuration. You can only manage APs on the local physical LAN.
AP Controller Pro supports multiple configuration profiles coupled with multiple SSIDs, and you can manage remote APs outside the local physical LAN. The Pro version also supports an extra license upgrade to manage more APs.

What is InControl?

From Balance & Max routers, SD-Switches, Access Points to Fusion Hub, you can manage the entire network ecosystem with our cloud-based endpoint management system - InControl.
Using InControl can save configuration time, minimize truck rolls, allow you to stay on top of the status of your network, and proactively resolve any emerging problems with speed and precision.
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Which Peplink/Pepwave devices support Peplink’s AP Controller?

To know if a device supports Peplink’s AP Controller, you may view our Balance/MAX Series Comparison Table here. Select the model you wish to check then scroll down and expand the “Features” tab. In the expanded tab, if “Yes” is stated under “Pepwave AP Series Management”, this device supports AP Controller Standard. If “Yes” is stated under “Remote AP & Multiple Config Profiles Management”, this device supports AP Controller Pro. Otherwise, the device does not support Peplink’s AP Controller if these are not specified.

Can I manage my Pepwave APs with both InControl and the AP Controller at the same time?

No. All Pepwave AP One and AP Pro devices will be automatically managed by Peplink’s AP Controller when the feature is enabled. To manage your devices with InControl, you will need to disable the AP Controller feature on your Peplink Balance/Pepwave MAX.

How can I set up a guest Wi-Fi network and apply the Wi-Fi profiles to my Wi-Fi APs?

For a complete guide on how to set up advanced guest Wi-Fi solutions for your business, click here.

Can I set multiple captive portal profiles with the AP controller?

No. A single Peplink router can create and maintain only one captive portal profile. All AP One devices connected to the same Peplink router with a captive portal enabled will be directed to the same portal page

Can the AP One AC Mini support Mesh Wi-Fi?

Yes. Mesh Wi-Fi supports firmware 8.1.1 and Peplink routers with Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ac or above. This, along with the AP Controller, allows for a Mesh Wi-Fi network extension.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Mesh Wi-Fi is the ability to connect wirelessly to another intermediate AP within the same WAN, without the need of an Ethernet connection. This can provide redundancy in case of AP failure.
With mesh support, you are able to add wireless mesh APs to the network, so you can enhance coverage in areas that you are unable to run the Ethernet to. This allows you to wirelessly expand your Wi-Fi coverage using other Peplink APs.
Check out this article for a complete setup guide or click here to watch a video explaining how to do so.

Licenses and Accessories

Where can I get an InControl license?

The AP One AC Mini comes with a year’s subscription and a valid warranty for InControl. Additional purchase is not required.
Care plans can be purchased from our Certified Partners or directly from the Peplink eStore at the time of sale or thereafter.

Model EssentialCare
AP One AC Mini 1-Year | 2-Year

Why would I need an AP One AC Mini Protect Cover?

The AP One AC Mini Protect Cover (ACW-384) not only makes your network setup more aesthetically pleasing by concealing the Ethernet cable and ports, but it also protects the device from being easily removed.

Check out this post if you want to know how it looks after the installation.

What is a PoE Injector (ACW-107)?

The PoE Injector adds power to an unpowered Ethernet connection, making it capable of delivering 802.11af/802.11at power. Normally, if you attempt to connect a normal Ethernet connection to a PoE-powered device, the device will not activate. However, if you add a PoE Injector (ACW-107) into the normal Ethernet connection, it will be capable of delivering PoE.
Learn more about it here.

What can I do if I need support?

Does Peplink offer support for this product? What if I have difficulties setting it up?

Peplink Partners are always happy to provide support to their product users, so reach out to the place of purchase first.
For those who prefer self-service, Peplink has a very active forum. Among the regular forum users are Peplink Partners, Peplink employees, and many very knowledgeable users. Generally, folks with questions get answers rather quickly. In the unlikely event of a suspected hardware or firmware issue, you can enter a support ticket with Peplink directly. You will then receive attention from some of our best engineers! Peplink supports its owners like no one else in the business.

I can’t access the Internet via the AP One AC Mini. What can I do?

Visit this link (troubleshooting section) for a basic software walkthrough and troubleshooting guide. If that doesn’t work, reach out on our forum and the team will get you online.

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