Balance One.. WAN1 for LAN and WAN2 for WiFi?

  1. With the Balance One, is it possible to have WAN1 for LAN and WAN2 for WiFi traffic?
  2. If so, how would I configure this setup?
  3. Is the same possible with the Balance LTE?
  • Effectively, I want to balance some of the traffic going out of the Balance One. I was thinking I could do this by having all LAN traffic go out on WAN1 and all WiFi traffic go out on WAN2.
  • Another option is to specifically set some kind of rule that streaming services always use WAN1 and everything else can use WAN2.

Yes it is.
Easiest way is to set up a vlan with a new subnet for the wifi clients.Then set an outbound policy for traffic from that new subnet to use WAN2 and another for the normal LAN subnet to use WAN1. I would use priority outbound rules so that if one WAN fails the clients failover to the other WAN.


As Martin said or just let the your Balance balance the sessions between the two WANs and all devices.
By allowing the sessions to be balanced between the WANs give a much faster feeling internet for everyone.

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Hello @Xerxes,
Have a look at this previous reply, it highlights six different threads on setting up VLANs, most of it is to do with InControl2 though there is some good information there.

You can also do this search within the forum “how to setup VLAN”.
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