Peplink Cloud Service Public IP Address List

In a situation where you have a firewall between the Peplink/Pepwave device and the Internet, you might not be able to access our cloud service such as InControl. Get through this, you need to add our cloud service IP addresses into the firewall allow list.

Peplink servers’ IP addresses and services in JSON file format can also be downloaded from:

The JSON file allows you to download and process the list programmatically. You may also open the file in a text editor. The file is in the following structure:

  • syncToken
  • modifiedDate
  • services [ ]
    • system [ ]
      • subsystems [ ]
        • system
        • remarks
        • ip_addresses [ ]
        • hostnames [ ]
      • services [ ]
        • proto
        • port

where the “system” under “services” are

  • incontrol2 - for InControl 2
  • speedfusion_cloud - for SpeedFusion Connect Protect
  • remote_web_admin - for Remote Web Admin and IP-based InTouch
  • remote_assistance - for Remote Assistance
  • push_service - for the Router Utility mobile app notifications
  • firmware_check_service - for devices checking firmware availability

subsystems are for sub-systems.

(Note: Since August 2021, devices could connect to any listed InControl IP addresses regardless of which subsystem (aka “planet”) the organization resides on. However, the 13 IP addresses remain unchanged.)


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Could we update this post with the FQDN’s of the servers/services that are used as well please?

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“hostnames” have been added to the JSON file.