InControl Public IP Addresses

My Peplink Balance 720 is trying to connect to an IP through our firewall on tcp port 5246.

I assume this is a valid IP however this is not listed in the below link. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed a valid
and required Cloud Control IP. In addition is there some form of notification that is sent out from Peplink to advise of updated IP’s. Our firewall does not support domain-based rules. Or is there a way to force the device to use a specific destination IP.


Would you able to share us the detail firewall logs for the above ? We may need to further confirm the IP address and port involved.

P/S: Please make sure you hide your public IP when you post the firewall logs here.

See logs from Firewall. is the private address of the Peplink Balance 720 box (this Nat’s) to a public IP. For the record that TCP port 5246


Confirmed the IP address is Peplink Remote Assistance (RA) server IP.

Do you have RA service turned on for your Balance device ? If yes, you can turn off the service.

Detail info regarding to Peplink Remote Assistance (RA) :

Disabling Remote Assistance has stopped the connection attempts.

For info it is trying to connect to that remote access address on TCP/443 and 5246


Yes, RA service will run using TCP 443 or TCP 5246.