Outbound policy for inControl traffic

Is there a way (or well known criteria) to define outbound policies which routes incontrol management traffic over specific WAN?

Looking to get more reliability of incontrol by prioritizing it to use a specific WAN(LTE) at a site that has two WAN’s, one of which is unreliable(Starlink).

My understanding is that InControl2 is contacted on UDP port 5246. Creating an outbound policy that directs (or prioritizes) your LTE WAN for traffic destined for that UDP port should do the trick. You may tighten it further by also limiting the rule to traffic destined for your particular IC2 instance.




I find the easiest way is a DNS rule to send all *.peplink.com traffic the way you want. That seems to work for incontrol2 traffic too.


I found this article Peplink Cloud Service Public IP Address List

and added IP destination based rules for each of the IP’s. (root, Mars, rwa, ra)

Was a lot of rules… :grimacing: the DNS based method sounds easier.

Once I got them setup, it did work as expected. While I was still having issues it actually helped identify that there is also an issue with the cell plan on the LTE WAN at this site. Fun times!

FWIW - Starlink is not rock solid yet…

and BIX Wireless is :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :-1: ! (throttles to 3G)

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