How to access Peplink cloud services from private networks

If you’d like to use Peplink routers on a private APN, such as carrier specific private networks, the following firewall rule changes will need to be made on the APN firewall/gateway to allow a path for Peplink services to go through the private APN.

This below steps must be completed to access the following services:

  • InControl
  • SpeedFusion Connect
  • Remote Web Admin access & InTouch services
  • Remote Access (for Peplink support)
  • Push Notification services (for the Router Utility app)
  • Automatic firmware checking

Open the JSON file found here, and you will see the following:

In this case, if we want to allow the InControl service, you’ll need to allow:

  1. Host Names: and
  2. Port: UDP 5246
  3. (If specific IP addresses are required, the list is provided as well)
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