AP One AC Mini and Balance 20 - WAN connection dropping

I have the following setup with a Balance 20 and an AP AC Mini. I have had the Balance 20 for years, and I used a Linksys as an AP and all was fine. I recently got the Pepwave AC Mini to upgrade my network to AC. And I am not impressed so far.
The main issue is that I keep on losing the WAN connection on devices. It is all working fine, and suddenly, the Internet stops working. The device remains connected to the Wifi network but there is no internet anymore. The only way to recover it is to switch off the WIFI on the device and to switch it back ON. The device reconnects to the Network immediately and Internet is ON again.
I have various devices connecting to the AP (iPhone, Macs, PS3 and other Apple TV) and the issue seems to be the same on all devices.
Bearing in mind that I had no issue with my previous AP (Linksys), I can only assume it comes from the Pepwave AC Mini. Anybody with similar issues? I am using the AP feature on my Balance 20… Are there settings in the Pepwave I should be looking at? Shall I raise a ticket?

Please upgrade your AC Mini with the following firmware and check if that fix the issue you have encountered, if not, please send us a ticket.



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Thank you. Just loaded the firmware. I’ll report back.

Not working very well. I managed to load the new firmware onto the AC Mini, but it seems to crash after and I find that the old firmware is then back in place. I have tried now to load the firmware 3 times, and it doesn’t seem to stay. It loads OK, but then it gets rejected?
The issues I had before are still there… Not very pleased I must say.
Shall I raise a ticket?
Could you send me the link on where to do that?

Please make sure the Balance is not managing the firmware of the AP or the Balance will update the firmware of AP if it finds the AP is not loaded with the same firmware as configured.

To adjust firmware management on AP, please visit “Access Point” page under “AP” menu on Balance, select the AC Mini and click “Set firmware pack”. Make sure “None” is selected.

After that, you can upgrade the firmware through AC Mini web UI again.

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Ok. Thank you. Trying and reporting back later.

Hello Again.
I uploaded the firmware but I still got the issue. Maybe a little bit less frequently, but it is still happening. I have just had my Laptop losing connections several times in the last hour. It shows as connected to the Wifi, but there is no data going through, between my computer and my network. Both Internet and LAN seem to be lost. I can recover quickly by switching my Wifi OFF then ON. And if I do nothing, eventually, the connection comes back after a few minutes. What can I do? Many thanks.

Ticket sent…

Thanks. We will look into this.

What was the result of the ticket? I just moved from a rock solid Netgear Nighthawk to my Balance One with 2 AC Mini’s to get coverage deeper into the corners of the house and declutter the wiring closet and now we are regularly experiencing the same issue you have described here.

It’s happening more frequently on phones and tablets, but it’s affecting PC and Mac as well.


Anything on the ticket? I may need to call one in. Mine has gotten better, but only after turning off 5ghz as I noticed it was worse with devices on that band… still see long pauses loading webpages or slow/no loads on sites, videos, etc and it goes away as soon as I discoed and reconnect the device that is connecting to wifi. I also have to occasionally reboot the AP as they tend to drop offline about once a month and I notice because the signal is very weak in one part of the house. I appreciate you sharing any progress you made with Peplink. Thanks!

I too have had issues with connectivity with the AP One AC Mini (fw 3.5.4 built 1681), to the point that today I’ve reverted back to older access points to troubleshoot. We are all tired of having to turn wifi off and on again to regain connectivity.

When this happens, there is good signal strength and the wifi link itself is fine but upstream connectivity disappears, and it doesn’t happen to all devices at the same time. Layer 2 seems fine but Layer 3 seems broken during the problem.

Is there any update? Any fix in the works?

4 access points scattered across 3 buildings with fiber backbone between switches, managed via InControl2.


@Darold_Anderson and @baadpuppy, may I know the problem mostly happen to the Apple clients?

I am having this problem on my Balance 20. I am on firmware 7.0.1 Build 3414. Was there a solution to this? Just about ready to remove these and never use them again.


The majority of my wireless clients that a human will actively notice an issue with are apple devices (macs and iphones). The wireless client with the worst behavior (to the point that the user uses her iphone as a hotspot for unlimited data instead of the wifi) is an HP laptop running windows 10. She reported that her laptop constantly disconnects, which is why she switched to the hotspot.

I probably should have started a new thread rather than hijacking this one. This is definitely only a problem for wireless clients using the AP One AC Mini access points. Wired clients have no discernible issues.

I have one 2 story structure on the property, and 2 single story structures. In the 2 story structure, I have one AP One AC Mini on each floor, and one each in the 2 single story structures. There is gigabit fiber trunking between all the switches, and PoE+ switches powering the AP One AC Minis.

In order to do extra troubleshooting yesterday, I put the older apple time capsule devices’ wifi (the ones these peplink devices replaced) back online in the 2 story structure and one of the 1 story structures, and turned off the radios in the AP One AC Minis in those structures. I configured the AP One AC Mini in the remaining structure to disable the 5GHz band and run the 2.4GHz radio at medium power. This is the structure with the windows 10 client, as well as one tp-link wifi->ethernet bridge device (tl-wr702n in client mode). The tp-link has been solid all along. I haven’t had a report from the windows laptop user yet.

Also, the router is a Max Transit Duo with 2 unlimited cellular uplinks. When I’ve experienced the issue on my laptop, I can ping the router IP and even ping but running “curl google.com” hangs. Initially I thought this was a Mac issue, but I’ve recently had the windows client added to the network, also being affected, and I’ve also learned that the wired macs don’t have this issue, leading me to investigate the AP One AC Mini units.

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Same here… we mostly interact with apple devices, but there are dozens of other non-apple devices on the network that are passive (i.e., we don’t “see” or “feel” the issue directly so it’s difficult to say. I have seen it on at least one non-apple system though. It was a LOT worse when I had 5ghz enabled but obviously I would like to turn that back on.

@Darold_Anderson and @baadpuppy, this is noted. We are fixing this problem. Hopefully we can get the good news soon!

Thanks for your patience.

Could you define “soon” please?

I am also experiencing this problem, and I am being forced to use a different brand of Access Points because of this issue. I would prefer to stay with Pepwave, so a fix date would help me out.


I’ve had some time running with the older apple gear instead of the AP One AC Mini, and have noticed a few things. First, all the apple devices stay connected at all times, definitely pointing to an issue with the peplink device, which apparently will be fixed “soon”.

The surprising detail I discovered since reverting to the older equipment is that the Roku devices no longer lock up mid-stream causing a need for a power cycle, and the harmony hub I use also no longer needs frequent power cycling to reset it. There hasn’t been a single failure of either type of device since reverting.

In the 3rd structure where the 5GHz radio was disabled and the windows user was, they had stable solid internet up until a few nights ago when the fiber got severed in the middle of a storm. Once new fiber is installed, I’ll be able to test more in that location

Is there any kind of ETA on updated firmware? even a beta?

I’m having the exact same problems listed here, predominantly with Apple products. No issues when wired directly to my balance 20. When is this fix coming out?