Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!

Hello @Alan
Another thing we have noticed over the weekend is on the MAX Transits, the new feature of the LAN status can not been seen, we operate some of the MAX Transits occasionally with the WAN port as a LAN port giving two LAN ports, so having the new feature would be good.

In addition to this we would like to recommend the WAN ports MTU be changed from “Custom Value” to “Auto”, we have been working with @sitloongs and other team members to work out why certain MAX Transits would not remotely upgrade their firmware, @sitloongs found it was cased by the factory default MTU size of the WAN port, when he set this to AUTO, both the remote web admin and the updates began to work again (Support Ticket #778999).

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Thank you for the feedback.

As for now the LAN status only for the following product model:

By default WAN interface MTU having custom MTU 1440. It’s more to the MTU configuration sometimes we need take note and make the require changes. Auto is good but some devices may not work well for the settings. It just like “Chicken & Egg” case. This is not related to beta firmware 7.1.0.

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Any updates on the 7.1 firmware? Based on the initial release on Nov 16 it sounded like you wanted to move quickly to an RC. It looks like some issues were discovered. Is there an updated out? What is the plan for moving to a RC and final code?

We are preparing the Beta 2 which is targeted to resolve the glitches found. The fixes and internal testing are in progress and we shall release in early Jan.

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I’ve noticed a slower bootup and connection setup times with 7.1 beta testing as well. We currently have a fleet a vehicles that we updated the 7.1 firmware to use the cellular threshold settings. When the officers turn on the vehicles the RoIP appliances that plug into the BR1’s now go into network failure after booting up. We noticed that if we wait a minute or so to turn them on after the BR1’s are powered up, they come online. it looks as if the BR1’s take longer to come online and setup the pepvpns under this new software.

Hello Peplink Team,
We have been testing version 7.1.0b02 build 3416 and may have a bug with the way the Wi-Fi operating on the MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-P HW V2. The MAX Transit is being controlled from InControl2 and the Wi-Fi settings are being pushed out from InControl2 to the internal WAP controller. The Wi-Fi WAN feature of the MAX Transit is not in use, though we found it made no difference if this feature was enabled or disabled.

We have tested with:
2 x Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC chip-sets on two PCs on a HP laptops (with all drivers & and patches update from both the manufacture and for the operating system)
2 x Apple iPhones 6s with iOS 10.3.3
1 x Apple iPad Mini 2
We are finding that devices are not able to authenticate the the Wi-Fi on 2.4Ghx reliably and occasionally having issues on the 5Ghz.

We found this as we were running the MAX Transit with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi only, then changed the settings to 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz and then to 5Ghz only. All of the devices above were being manually moved from Wi-Fi with a different SSID & radio channels from a Peplink Balance ONE with the same generation of beta firmware (7.1.0b02 build 3416) to the MAX Transit DUO the beat firmware (7.1.0b02 build 3416).

Out of interest, have the firmware improvements for WAPs mentioned in the forum for at AP One AC Mini and Balance 20 - WAN connection dropping been included in this release of firmware?

This report is here in the Peplink forum so to seek out if others have been testing this also and what results they may be having, a Peplink Support Ticket has also been created with a diagnostic report [Ticket #780871].

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this. We will follow with you from the ticket.

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Hi Everyone, Firmware 7.1 RC 2 is now available, now with Per-Port VLAN support for the MAX Transit and the BR1 MK2.

Get it now!


I wonder who asked for this feature…

@achachej I may @ the wrong forum user name.

mldowling actually asking about the default MTU request.

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Hello @achachej,
This is the post (earlier on in the forum) that @sitloongs is referring to where we spoke about the MTU settings.

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Wondering why the Default Outbound policy rule has to be on “Auto” in order to get info for the WAN Quality tab on Status…

Dear All, after the firmware update the performance wifi are no good… I’ve try to reconfigure but without solution.
Before with 5ghz 178mbit down and 48upload. Now 30mbit download.
Any idea? Thanks in advanced.

Just to confirm when you downgrade using the previous firmware , immediately you can get 5ghz 178mbit down and 48upload (Make sure the same 5Ghz channel is use) ? If yes, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.

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For Firmware 7.1 implementation, “at least a single Lowest Latency Outbound Policy need to defined” or "Default Outbound Policy is set to auto in-order to get the statistic for the WAN Quality report.

Sample WAN Quality report:


We may change/improve this in future firmware so that user can have better control over the WAN Quality report


Hi Team,
We’ve noticed that in the 7.1.0 firmware we cannot rearrange the WAN priority on the dashboard yet the Priority levels remain listed. Not sure if the Priority levels should be changed to read WAN1, Cell1 etc to match the Balance line, or if the inability to drag them was unintended. I have particularly seen this on the Transit and the BR1.
In the example below, we were unable to move the cellular WAN to priority one and have the Wired WAN as a backup.


I am using BR1 firmware 7.1.0 and I don’t have such a problem. I can prioritize the connections by selecting them from the left side of the bar. With previous versions you could move from any point of the bar.


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Thanks @gorka_iza, I appreciate the help, that’s exactly what I was missing. It’s changed a little, but the functionality is still there.

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Hello @sitloongs,
We have just noticed the the DPI functionality is not working for the MAX BR1 ENT in 7.1.0, there is a thread on this with @TK_Liew that mentioned this would be available in 7.1.0.

Also the WINS Servers option is missing for the LAN connections in the MAX BR! ENT in firmware 7.1.0, can we seek getting that added to?
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile: