Ac mini firmware 3.5.4 really the latest?

Hi folks,
I upgraded to 3.5.4 many months ago. I had a look online for what the latest download is and it appears it is still 3.5.4 1681 build.
Is this still the current latest release?

Hi @evanvilla,

Please take a look at this topic:

The Peplink Engineering team is currently working on a 3.6.0 firmware which contains a lot of major fixes.
You can find a link to the 3.6.0 Beta 4 firmware in @Eddy_Yeung’s comment below:

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Does anyone know when a firmware above 3.5.4 will be released not as a beta?


As soon as a release candidate survives testing. We are on RC7 now. Might was well install it. It’s better than 3.5.4

I don’t know what RC# mean. If I have firmware mgmt disabled in Incontrol2 will the new release appear once its no longer beta? Its better than 3.5.4 you say, it better be its been a long wait!

RC means Release Candidate. It is closed to the official release firmware (GA).

Official release firmware will appear in InControl2 firmware management once it is available.

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Any idea when the official release is out? I’ve waited this long I may as well wait

It should be around the corner. We will announce this when it is available.



for anyone reading this thread, 3.6.0 1805 is now out as non beta

Just to be clear, build 1805 is not a GA release. It is a release candidate (RC8 in this case). For those not using InControl, you will need to upload the firmware or firmware pack (1158) manually.

Or you can wait, because it looks like we are getting very close to GA.

Hi Steve,
So should I hold off? I finally received a package in my incontrol (with beta not ticked).
Should I wait to avoid two upgrades in a short time?
I see 3.6.0 has the mac fixes which is what i’ve got my eye out for.


@evanvilla, you are right, AP firmware 3.6.0 is GA now.

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i’ve upgraded and so far really good. I’m liking the more descriptive field in the Name column when checking for connected clients. This code seems to be able to pick up the hostname on just about any device, ie chromecast, iphone, ipad, wifi repeater…
Yet to test the mac improvements, will report back if i find anything

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