Macbook wifi does not work unless I jump to alternative ssid

With Macbook, its rare to completely shut down. When bringing the macbook back to on state, I find the wifi becomes connected to the last known ssid, however dns is unable to resolve nor does entering an ip address into the browser. As soon as I select another SSID that the pepwave advertises it works straight away.
I have created two ssid’s, one to force to 5ghz, the other 2.4ghz, as I always found the mac would get stuck on 2.4.
I have another ssid that allows both, I might see if the same issue occurs if using this one.

Possible to share which Pepwave device you are using?

ac mini x 3 in the house

May I know the problem is intermittent? Other devices like Windows based machine having the same problem?

just mac.
One HTC android had to always manually connect to wifi, it would not auto

We received the similar complaint and we are fixing the issue. Please stay tuned with us!

Thanks for your patience.

Hey, how do I make a request so that when one configures a new SSID and you
hit save, a prompt comes up saying “this action will cause all AP’s
receiving this new SSID to experience a DOWN UP interface event and all
clients will suffer about 45 seconds of interruption”

Hi. It seems to me that that would be quite a trick – to download a new config to the AP(s) while having them operate normally. One may note that Peplink’s competitors generally operate the same way – the AP is pretty much OTS while provisioning is in progress.


just a suggestion that one is warned before applying

Any update about this issue mac issue?

This is the latest feedback from the engineering team.

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Any update?
Also my HTC m8 phone has to manually be told to connect to a Pepwave ac
mini. But my htc m9 does not it reconnects fine. So does a Samsung Note 2.
the same M8 at my other house always reconnects fine (not on pepwave at
this property).

This should relate to the setting of that particular Wifi profile on the phone. Please check and confirm.

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any update?

any update for the mac issue mentioned here?

@evanvilla, you may refer to the forum thread below for the update.

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To save people reading this time as its a long link supplied:
3.6.0 RC4 is available , and also its AP Controller Firmware Pack (1153.fwb7).

Fix 2.4GHz stability issue.
Fix Captive Portal redirection failure in non-Management VLAN
Lewis (peplink team) "

Hello @evanvilla,
Here is the direct link to the posting on the latest firmware update:

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: