Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer (mPCE) Campaign 2020

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Join our Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer (mPCE) course to become an expert about the Peplink Solution in Maritime vertical!

The aim of this course is to allow partners to select, install, and operate Peplink equipment in a maritime environment to get the best out of Peplink’s hardware and software offerings. In May, Peplink’s Maritime Specialist will go through the Best Practice Guide and Examination skill through a series of webinars.


  • Session 1. May-8, 2020 Friday. Selecting the equipment
  • Session 2. May-11, 2020 Monday. Installing the equipment
  • Session 3. May-15, 2020 Friday. Optimizing the equipment
  • Session 4. May-18, 2020 Monday. Long question-solving technique
  • 4-5 PM London | 10-11 AM CDT
  • View in your time zone (For the 1st session only)

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[!] We will record all sessions. Register to receive the recording in 2 working days after each session.

Maritime PCE Examination Format)

  • Format: Online Exam
  • Topics: Best Practice Guide for mPCE
  • Length: 25 MC questions (50%) + 1 long question (50%)
  • Completion Time: 60 minutes
  • Certification Period: 2 years
  • Passing Mark: 70%
  • Cost: USD$150
  • Prerequisite: Passed in PCE and still in the certification period

Register before May-8 and we’ll waive the first attempt fee associated with your attempt at the PCE + mPCE exam (normally $150+$150).


Q) Can you tell me more about mPCE?
A) Peplink set up a specialist course to recruit, train, and certify Peplink partners to support our vertical markets. The first vertical is focused on Maritime, which we started in 2020.

Q) Can I invite my friends and colleagues to take the exam?
A) Yes. Please share the registration link with them.

Q) As an end-user, why do I need to take this exam?
A) You will gain knowledge and insight into specialized markets and untapped new business opportunities. If you pass the mPCE you’ll be able to get a certificate and add it to your resume.

Q) Is there any webinar available for my region?
A) We will provide the recording in the Peplink forum.

Q) Can I pass the mPCE exam by just attending the webinar?
A) If you have no experience in using Peplink products, you may need further study of our products and tech at as well as the various product datasheets and our forum.

Q) When and how can I get the Best Practice Guide?
A) We will announce the URL of the Best Practice Guide at the first webinar session.

Q) Is this 100% free?
A) Our goal is to expand the Peplink community and let EVERYONE know how to fully leverage all of the benefits of a Peplink network. Thus, we’re offering the webinars free of charge and waiving the examination fee. Just put in the time and effort, and the PCE & mPCE certification will be yours.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact [email protected].


What is mPCE - Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer?

For a while now, Peplink has had two training paths - The PCE (Peplink Certified Engineer) and PCSS (Peplink Certified Sales Specialist). Now Peplink has now created additional paths for training!

The new path will be aimed at certain vertical markets. All candidates wanting to gain certification in a particular market track must have already taken and passed the PCE.

Watch this video to learn more:


[Campaign updated on May-11]

For those who has been registered, you should be able to receive a newsletter for the recording. (from: [email protected], title: Webinar - Slides & Recording - Maritime PCE Training)

You can access the recordings now. Please feel free to pass these along to your friends who may be interested.

  • Recording (full session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )
  • Webinar FAQ (session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 )

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