mPCE Session 1 - Selecting the Equipment FAQ

Thanks to everyone that attended the first session today.
Please join us at the same time on Monday for part 2.

MAX HD2 Dome with SIM Injector | Quick start guide
The Video we tried to show can be viewed here;

I am going to summarise some of the FAQ

Administration related

Q - Will all sessions be recorded and be made available to the attendees?
A - Yes, the recording will be made available in a few days

Q - Can we have a copy of this presentation afterward please?
A - We will be publishing some of the slides but not the whole presentation

UBR Rugged

Q - Can we please have a copy of the spec sheet for the UBR Rugged
A - Peplink Partners can, please email [email protected] and we will send it over

Q - Can we convert a LAN port to WAN on the UBR Rugged and if so, preferable the PoE port
A - Currently this is not an option. I have put request to the software team

Q - Is there an expected launch date for the UBR Rugged?
A - Q3 2020

Q - Do the LAN ports support different VLANs?
A - Yes, you can independently set LAN ports as Access or Trunk ports

Q - What is the price of the UBR Rugged?
A - Please contact you Peplink Partner or account manager if you are a Peplink Partner

HD Dome

Q - Can you link multiple domes to 1 SIM injector?
A - Yes. One SIM Injector can support up to eight different routers

Q - Are the modems user replaceable on the HD Dome?
A - No, they are not user replaceable

Q - Is the dome powered by POE?
A - Yes. The only power input for the HD Dome is PoE

Q - Will the HD1/2 Dome work without sim-injector as well?
A - Yes. you can put SIM inside the HD Dome


Q - Are you going to make a CAT18 Transit DUO?
A - There are currently no plans as the router throughput is sufficient- 2x 1.2Gbps download modems in a router that supports 400Mbps throughput does not make sense. If you need 2x CAT18, please consider the HD2 MBX CAT18.


Q - Could two Transit CAT18 be “stacked” together sharing a single common LAN/single Gateway?
A - Yes but you would be limited to 400Mbps throughput. Please consider the HD2 MBX

Q - Is the HD2 MBX and HD4 MBX the same Chassis? can you interchange the Flex Trays?
A - All MBX is the same Chassis. You can only upgrade the Flex Trays with the same number of modems as the original device. e.g. you can upgrade from CAT12 HD4 MBX to CAT18 HD4 MBX but you cant upgrade from an HD2 MBX to an HD4 MBX

Q - For an MBX/Cat18 install on a boat, where you don’t want to install 16 antennas, what’s your take on using 4 antennas with 4 4-way power dividers to get the 16 antenna connections
A - Don’t do it! We will cover this in the future webinars


Q - Is the EPX module SFP or SFP+ module?
A - It is SFP+

Q - Can you combine 5G module and 4G module on EPX?
A - Yes. With the EPX you can mix and match any of the available modules

Q - Are these devices tested for industrial temperatures so they can be installed in machinery spaces?
A - Most of our routers are rated for -40 ° to 65 °C however the EPX is rated for 0° to 45°C

SMA / QMA connector

Q - What’s the advantage of QMA compared to SMA?
A - QMA take up less space, they are more secure and much easier to connect and disconnect than SMA

Q - Are PEPWAVE offering SMA/QMA adaptors for converting already installed antennas?
A - Yes, the SKU is ACW-812 (6-inch cable with QMA Plug to SMA/Female Jack, 4 cables in a pack, good for 1x Cat18 modem)

SIM Injector

Q - Is the SIM Injector supporting the roaming function?
A - Yes, SIM Injector and FusionSIM Cloud work with roaming SIM cards

Peplink’s Channel

Q - Is Peplink available in my Country?
A - Yes, Peplink equipment is available worldwide. Please have a look at our list of approved partners - If there is not a partner in your county, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction


can be used a lan port as wan on Peplink UBR LTE?

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Hi @pmenes. Welcome to the community!
The UBR-Go has a single WAN ethernet port and three LAN ports. The LAN ports can not be changed to WAN.

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