mPCE Session 4 - Long question solving technique

Thanks to everyone that attended the fourth session today.

Our next Maritime Webinar will cover the configuration of devices onboard including outbound policy, SpeedFusion tunnels, firewall rules and AP management. If you have any features that you want us to cover, please let us know in the comments below! This will be live with real time configuration.

A big shot out to @mldowling for attending all four sessions even in the middle of the night! Check out some of his posts on the forum.

These are the links from the previous sessions

Previous webinars
Session ONE
Session TWO
Session 3 & 4 will be available soon!

These are some of the links requested today
Whitepaper - SpeedFusion Best Practices

I am going to summarise some of the FAQ from the fourth session

Administration related

Q - Will all sessions be recorded and be made available to the attendees?
A - Yes, the recording will be made available in a few days. The first sessions are available now

Q - Do you need to achieve the PCE before taking the mPCE?
A - Yes. Please watch our first webinar as it is explained there - Recording Session ONE

Q - Could you please explain again about the PCE and mPCE exams?
A - Please watch our first webinar as it is explained there - Recording Session ONE

Q - I registered late for the webinars, will the exam fee still be waived?
A - Yes, the mPCE exam will be free for everyone until the 30th of June. We will also waiver the fee on the PCE exam until the same time.

Q - Is there a transcript of the Q&A sections from the previous sessions in the forum?
A - Yes;
Session One FAQ
Session Two FAQ
Session Three FAQ

Q - Does an mPCE certification extend the expiration date of an existing PCE certification?
A - No. All certifications are only valid for two years.The PCE has been updated a lot in the last two years.


Q - How long do I have to complete the exam?
A - You have one hour for the 25 multiple choice questions and the long answer

Q - Is there a deadline for the mPCE exam?
A - No, there is no deadline but the examination fee is waived if you complete the exam before the 30th of June 2020

Other Questions

Q - Is there an option for a smaller SIM injector. like 2 or 4 SIMs instead of 8 at a lower price point to go with the HD1 Dome
A - Currently there is not. I have personally thought about this already and believe it would be a great addition to our product line. Please post on the forum and we will gauge the reception of the idea.

Thank You!


When will Session 3 video & 4 video be available?

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Hi @David_Wheelen
All the sessions are available here


I’ve gone through the webinars and course material. I’m already PCE certified but I’m unclear of exactly where I can take the mPCE. I’ve logged into my training portal but I only have the PCE and PCSS from when I previously took and passed them. I’ve looked at the “How to sign up” link an that is for the PCE exam. I have looked at the “How to take the exam” link but again it applies to the PCE exam not the mPCE exam. Also the final link on obtaining the certificate also pertains to the PCE not the mPCE. I’m very confused on how to ACTUALLY take the mPCE exam or even register for it. Can you please share these steps?

@David_Wheelen, Its in the PCE section of the training portal at the bottom. I believe it only shows up once you have passed the PCE exam.

Hi @David_Wheelen
The mPCE is only visible once you have passed the PCE exam.
To access the mPCE, you must login to the training portal, then click on “Enter Course” under “Peplink Certified Engineer”. There you will see the description of the PCE course, scroll down and you will see a section about the “Maritime Peplink Certified Engineer” where there is a link to enter
QuizMaritime PCE Certification ExamQuiz
Hope this helps

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