mPCE Session 2 - Installing the Equipment FAQ

Thanks to everyone that attended the second session yesterday.
Please join us at the same time this Friday for part 3.

I am going to summarise some of the FAQ

Administration related

Q - Will all sessions be recorded and be made available to the attendees?
A - Yes, the recording will be made available in a few days

Q - Can we have a copy of this presentation afterward please?
A - We will be publishing some of the slides but not the whole presentation

Q - How do best prepare for the PCE & mPCE?
A - Attendance of the webinars and study of our website & forum

Q - Do you need to achieve the PCE before taking the mPCE?
A - Yes. Please watch our first webinar as it is explained there - Recording Session ONE

Product Data Sheets

Q - Can we please have a copy of the spec sheet
A - All our existing products are available on our website, for new products Peplink Partners can email [email protected] and we will send it over

HD Dome & SIM Injector

Q - Do you need multiple ethernet cables to access the 8 sims in the sim injector?
A - A single network cable is required per Dome. This provides PoE and communication with the SIM Injector & network

Q - Can the Dome models be used without the SIM Injector?
A - Yes. you can put SIMs inside the HD Dome

Q - How many HD Dome’s can be supported by 1 sim injector when using an additional switch
A - You can support up to eight Remote SIM compatible devices with one SIM Injector

Q - What Peplink models are compatible with the sim injector at the moment? Only the domes?
A - This will be covered in the next webinar on Friday

Q - Are the new antenna’s and Dome’s 5G ready?
A - The Domes are not 5G ready. They currently come in up to CAT18 for the HD1 Dome. Our antennas are 5G ready.

Q - What is the recommended distance between the dome and the SIM injector?
A - There is no minimum distance but the maximum distance is 150m

Q - When you use the SIM injector + Dome, do you need a second cable to the ‘LAN’ of the Dome for the data? Or is the SIM injector working as a Smart Switch with full throughput?
A - No, a single cable is required between the Dome and SIM Injector. You then require another network cable from the SIM Injector to the rest of your network

Q - Is it possible to have dislocated SIM Injector from Dome over the Internet and have connected together by Speed Fusion?
A - Yes this is possible for the HD2 Dome but not the HD1 Dome because the Dome first requires an internet connection using a local SIM card.


Q - Does Peplink support, or have, any type of best practice for measuring actual gain on antenna implementations?
A - It is up to the manufacture to supply the information regarding the actual gain of a particular antenna. If you need the info about our antennas, please contact us and we can share this data with you.

Q - How is your range at sea been measured, is it average. I’m concern about the line of sign and TX delay because of the distance.
A - The range you can achieve will depend on many things including (but not limited to); Antenna choice, antenna cables and length, cellular network coverage and antenna height

SD Switch

Q - On the 16 Port SD-Switch Rugged, does LAN failover activate if the switch loses power or is it just for a software problem?
A- The LAN Bypass feature automatically activates if the switch losses power.


I have a follow-on question. In slide 27 comparing sailing yacht scenarios there is a comment on scenario to as follows:

“Additional switch required to split HD2 into individual modems”

Being able to split the modems would be helpful if the HD2 Dome is in front of another router (say, a Kerio Control) with NAT. Since the router is doing NAT, it appears to the HD2 Dome as a single device and the dome cannot load balance. If we could split the modems then they could be presented to the router as individual WAN connections and the router could manage the connections itself. I have not found any documentation on how this could be accomplished. Can you point me in the right direction (assuming this is possible)?

Thanks in advance.

Good Afternoon

You have two option.

Option 1) Enable SpeedFusion on the HD2 Dome so that the connection is presented to the service selector as a single reliable WAN

Option 2) Create a VLAN on the HD2 Dome. Direct all traffic from the main LAN to Cellular 1 and all traffic from the VLAN to Cellular 2. On the service selector, you will then create the normal WAN and then you will also create a WAN on the VLAN using the same physical WAN port. This set up means will then have both cellular WANs handled as individual WANs on the service selector.

Hope this helps


Thank you, Sam.

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