PCSS Study Guide 2020 (at new peplink.com)

After becoming a Peplink Certified Sales Specialist (PCSS), you will acquire a deep understanding of Peplink products and their key competitive advantages. Your ability to provide professional recommendations to customers will keep them coming back to you with more orders.

To get certified as a PCSS, please study the following materials:

PCSS 2.0 Online Training Campaign

Product Feature

When recommending solutions to your customers, product knowledge is a must. Learn more about our offerings on the Products tab .

Features highlights and product specifications can be found there. You may also find our product datasheets useful.

Deployment Scenarios

We’ve gathered customer deployment stories and categorized them by different verticals on the solution tab.

By understanding how other Peplink users have deployed our products, you will be in a better position to identify potential markets. Your indepth knowledge of similar scenarios will help you gain trust and confidence from prospects.

Peplink Solutions

Get an indepth understanding of the unique solutions that Peplink provides, surprise your customers with how you can save them cost as well as hassles. See those on our Case Studies session.

Further Readings

Full details available on the “technology” tab at the top of the webpage.

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