FAQ: I'm confused, what is SpeedFusion, SpeedFusion Cloud, and FusionHub?


I have recently acquired my first Peplink device. I want to aggregate my connections together but I’m a little confused. What is SpeedFusion, SpeedFusion Cloud, and FusionHub?


  • SpeedFusion is Peplinks patented technology that empowers enterprise-grade VPNs. Within SpeedFusion we have various algorithms each with different usages and benefits. The aggregating multiple WANs together is referring to Bandwidth Bonding. Learn more.

Traditionally, to utilize SpeedFusion technology you’d need a 2nd Peplink device as the terminating end-point to create a SpeedFusion/PepVPN tunnel. But now we have SpeedFusion Cloud and FusionHub, more convenient options are available depending on your requirements.

  • FusionHub is Peplink’s SpeedFusion appliance which allows you to establish SpeedFusion connections between the cloud instances, and your device(s). This requires self-hosting within your data center or cloud infrastructure to experience unbreakable connectivity with SpeedFusion. More information can be found here.

  • SpeedFusion Cloud is Peplink’s global network of SpeedFusion endpoints. With an active CarePlan or SpeedFusion Cloud data plan you can utilize SpeedFusion wherever you are, eliminating the need for any additional hardware. Each Peplink device comes with its own quota for complementary SpeedFusion Cloud data. Learn more here.