Care Plans Upgraded with SpeedFusion Cloud!


Here at Peplink, we’re always looking for ways to bring more to the table. Today, our warranty subscription services just got better:

Starting now, we’re adding SpeedFusion Cloud to our Care plans (EssentialCare, PrimeCare, SmartCare and TotalCare). This means any device under a Care plan can now leverage our global infrastructure and use SpeedFusion with just one click.

Each model comes with a different SpeedFusion Cloud package. Click the link below to unleash the power of SpeedFusion for your device!

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What is the SpeedFusion Cloud?

The SpeedFusion Cloud is our global network of SpeedFusion endpoints. It enables Peplink devices under a Care Plan to use SpeedFusion (Bandwidth Bonding, Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, Bandwidth Overflow) without any additional hardware. Learn More >.

I already purchased a Care Plan, do I get SpeedFusion Cloud too?

Yes you do. Activate SpeedFusion Cloud for your devices by visiting the “Activate Now” link above.

I’m trying to activate the SpeedFusion Cloud, and the system says I need to have a Peplink ID. What is that?

The Peplink ID is the universal login for many of our online platforms. In the near future, you will be able to use your Peplink ID account to access any Peplink service. Create a Peplink ID or reset password >

I purchased a 3-year Care Plan. How much usage do I get and for how long?

For multi-year plans, we will multiply the yearly quota by the number of years. For example, a 3-year plan for the MBX will have a total usage quota of 7.5TB (2.5TB x 3). You will have up to 3 years to use the 7.5TB.

What happens when I use up all of the usage quota?

The device will no longer be able to access the SpeedFusion Cloud. To make sure you stay connected, we recommend purchasing some backup SpeedFusion Cloud usage to have on standby. Purchase SpeedFusion Cloud Usage >

I purchased a care plan for my device, how much SpeedFusion Cloud usage does it have?

Please refer to the table below for the cloud usage quotas.

My Care Plan is going to expire in 3 months. Do I get another 12 months or just 3 months of SpeedFusion Cloud access?

Your will get 3 months of SpeedFusion Cloud access, but you will still receive the full SpeedFusion Cloud usage quota for your device.

What happens if I have already purchased a SpeedFusion Cloud plan?

We will combine your usage from the SpeedFusion Cloud plan with the usage from the care plan. For example, you would have 5.0TB of usage for an MBX instead of 2.5TB.

Can devices under the 1-year limited Warranty also enjoy SpeedFusion Cloud?

Absolutely! As long as your device is under a valid CarePlan, compatible with SpeedFusion Cloud and firmware is updated to 8.1 you are entitled to activate SFC.

To activate please visit:

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Hello, just to confirm, this service still requires peplink routers on each end yes?

I once had Speedfusion Cloud activated but used up my quota.

I have a Primecare license so am entitled to Speedfusion Cloud on my Max Transit Duo.
I activated this but it does not automatically enable Speedfusion Cloud on my router.
Where do I get the new activation key to put in the Feature Add-ons box in my Max Transit Duo UI?
I thought it was automatic. I rebooted my router. The message on the Dashboard still says:

@joelbean, it needs some times to sync between the systems. I notice the SpeedFusion Cloud was activated in your MAX transit.

Hello, just to confirm, this service still requires peplink routers on each end yes?

Hi David, You can use SpeedFusion technologies with just 1 device + SFC. The SFC in this case would be the 2nd ‘virtual’ device.

Yes. The activation servers need some time - I’m now up and running. Thanks TK.

Really? I’d been told by tech support needed one on each end - that’s really intriguing if so, as we use VOIP services, and a fusion link would keep the “exit” IP the same no matter what happened re: internet providers, yes?

works like a charm, thanks peplink !!! :slight_smile:

In the past you would need one on each end, not now that SpeedFusion Cloud exists :slight_smile:

Wow that’s really intriguing! Can you link me to the plans again?

Your public IP would be static between any changes in local ISP, but just to be clear, each SpeedFusion cloud location may have multiple servers, so you could end up with a different public IP from time to time if your tunnel disconnects and you re-connect to another server in the same location.

K so not exactly SD-Wan but merely?

Definitely SD-WAN still, traffic is broke out at the packet level across any active WANs and reasembled on the other side, but the endpoint selection is automatic, so no guarantee you would preserve the same public IP after a reboot.

OK but only on router reboot? That seems more than reasonable.