Firmware 7.0.2 is Now Available!


We are proud to announce the launch of Firmware 7.0.2! This Firmware brings a number of improvements to your router:

  • SIM Bandwidth Pooling: Define multiple SIM pools for each IC2 group, and set the pool's bandwidth quota limit. Email notifications are sent once quotas are reached. 
  • Roaming Country Selection: Added the ability for users to select which countries to enable data roaming using the mobile country code (MCC). 
  • Guest Protect for AP Controller Lite: The Lite version of the AP Controller now supports SSID Guest Protect for both local AP and external AP.
  • IP Passthrough for the Surf SOHO.

Here are the release notes. Head to the download page to try it out, and let us know what you think!

Firmware 7.0.2 Now in RC 2!

Here are the articles detailing each feature:





Hi everyone, 7.0.2 is now available for FusionHub as well. Get yours here!