SIM Bandwidth Pooling

Supported from firmware version: 7.0.2 you can define multiple SIM pools for each IC2 group, and set the pool’s bandwidth quota limit.
Email notifications are sent once quotas are reached.

To create a new SIM pool log on to InControl2 and open the page for the group that the devices that you want to create a SIM pool for are in.
Make a note of the IMSI numbers for each SIM card that you would like to add to your SIM pool.
The IMSI details can be found in several places; they are visible in InControl2 on the cellular details of each device’s details page.

Go to Reports > SIM Pool Bandwidth Usage

A new window opens where you can view existing and create SIM pools.
There are default SIM carrier pools for all carriers and per individual carrier for the SIM’s available in the InControl2 group.

To create a customSIM pool click on the New SIM pool button and fill in the fields as required:

After saving the SIM Pool, data usage will be calculated and the report will be available from InControl2.

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Hi @Erik_deBie

The data pool feature works for any Telco ? do a need to get a data pool from the Telecom operator or I can aggregate the data across multiple SIMs and make a pool using this feature on Peplink


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Hi SaurabhKMT,

You can create custom Pools using the IMSIs of the SIMs as shown in the screenshot below.

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Thanks Erik,
We will try this out - if it works for us this will be an excellent addition to the Peplink suite of products.

will keep you posted.


I have an issue with one of my groups, the SIM Pool Data Usage option is NOT in the reports tab, how do I make it pop up?

@eslygorillatech, please feedback to the InControl2 team with the button below.

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