Roaming options for MAX cellular routers using MCC code


Supported from firmware 7.0.2 on all MAX cellular routers, you can enable or disable data roaming per country using one (or more) mobile country code(s) or MCC.

To enable this feature log on to the router’s web interface and select the cellular WAN details.

Scroll down to the cellular settings > bandwidth allowance .
Tick the box to enable “data roaming”

Select between the available options: any countries, allowed countries and denied countries.

When you have selected allowed or denied countries add one or more MCC’s to the Mobile Country Code field.
When adding multiple MCC codes use a space or a carriage return as a separator.

Scroll down and click “Save and Apply” to save your changes.

Mobile Country Codes can be found on the following website:

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Wow! This is a great article, I believe it will be very useful for our partners and customers. :slight_smile:


Does this feature consume any kind of data in the roaming provider?

We do have a set-up with a given list of allowed MCCs. However, when the devices enters a non-allowed MCC (an MCC not in the list we configure), the SIM card provider reports 100kb daily consumptions.

Does this mean that to check the MCC the SIM card is connecting and then blocking? Isn’t this suppose to happen before authn and joining processes?



Hi Jordi,

Th cellular router will connect to the network to check the MMC and MNC codes, but I am not entirely sure if it uses any chargeable data and, if it does, how much data that would be.
Can you log a ticket here for us to investigate this further?




Any plans on making this feature based on MNC too? This was the original request :slight_smile:


Hi Jordi, our cellular engineers confirmed the process of negotiation with the cellular network is not using any data. You can raise a support ticket if you want us to investigate this further.


Sorry, but there are currently no plans to add roaming based on MNC to this feature.


Good afternoon Erik,

Thanks for this post. It was helpful to start setting this up.
Unfortunately I’m not having success with the failover options between the 2 simcards we have placed in the Peplink Balance 30 LTE.

Sim A should be online in the EU, and Sim B should be online in only 3 countries (286, 250, 604) We set this so these 3 MCC codes are allowed.

The system still switches between Sim A and Sim B whenever it has to, even in the Netherlands. Where Sim B should not be able to come online.

Any idea? Maybe I’m configuring this the incorrect way?

Thanks in advance for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Ruben,

That isn’t suppose to happen!
Can you open a support ticket including the serial number of your Peplink Balance 30 LTE to allow us to investigate this issue?




Is SIM B from the Netherlands?

There is (was?) a priority that if one of the card is national and the other is roaming, the device will always switch to the national. Even if it doesn’t give connectivity.