"guest protect" feature available on Balance 20, 30 LTE, One, 210 /310

Peplink Balance routers have an option to manage and control the internal and external Access Points called AP controller.

The Peplink Balance lower-end models (Balance 20, 30 LTE, One, 210/310) come with the AP Controller Standard version, while Balance higher-end models (305 onward) come with the AP Controller Pro version. The Pro version contains a few more features.

From firmware 7.0.2 onwards one of these features, the “Guest Protect” feature, will be available in both the AP Controller Lite and Full version.

As the name implies the “Guest protect” feature is often used when supplying WiFi access for guests in public places (hotels, airports, transport) to protect the guest from accessing other wired devices within the same VLAN and devices connected to other VLANs.

The “Guest protect” feature is often compared to “Layer 2” isolation .
While Layer 2 isolation blocks communication between WiFi clients within the same SSID, the “guest protect” feature will block communication between a WiFi client and wired clients within the same VLAN and clients from other VLANs.

To activate “Guest protect” open the web interface and select AP > Wireless SSID from the menu.

Open the SSID settings and scroll down to the Guest protect section.

The following options can be configured:

Block all private IP : Check this box to deny all connection attempts by private IP addresses.
Custom Subnet : To create a custom subnet for guest access, enter the IP address and choose a subnet mask from the drop-down menu.
Block Exception: To block access from a particular subnet, enter the IP address and choose a subnet mask from the drop-down menu.

Some content used in this post has been copied from the following forum post: LAN isolation with Balance30 and AP One AC mini... help needed


Thanks. This is great news. Any other features comping to 7.0.2? Multiple AP profiles?

Yes there are other new features; you can download the full release notes from this page: https://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/firmware-7-0-2/

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